YBM 고등 심화 영어 독해 Ⅱ 신정현 UNIT 6
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a. 놀라운, 비범한
The world has been making extraordinary progress in lifting people out of extreme poverty.
ad. 불균형적으로
Growth, if any, has disproportionately benefited higher income groups.
a. 가정, 가구
Lower income households have been left behind.
v. (평판을) 더럽히다, 손상시키다
Inequality is beginning to tarnish growth and prosperity throughout the world.
n. 번성, 번영
Four experts provide their views regarding the effects of inequality on growth and prosperity.
better off
형편이 더 나은
What we need is to help people to be better off.
a. 지독한, 형편없는
The percentage of people in the world living on $2 a day—an appalling level of income—has been halved in the last 30 years.
n. 자본주의
Capitalism is not the problem; it’s the solution.
a. 놀라운
Over the past 200 years, the growth of the average real income per person has been astounding.
life expectancy
Millions more have gas heating, cars, medical services, doubled life expectancy, and much more.
n. 경기 침체
“I was a member of the President’s economics group during the worst recession we’ve had since the Great Depression.
v. 깎아내리다, 약화시키다
The inequality between growth and the income of working families undermines the basic incentive that hard work will be rewarded.
n. 차입 자본 이용
That creates large leverage bubbles which explode and hurt growth.
v. 분리〔격리〕하다
You have lots of low income people stuck in tough neighborhoods that are segregated by income and race.
n. 연관 관계; 인연
You begin to see this connection between high levels of inequality and barriers to opportunity.
n. (비유적인 의미의) 문턱
We don’t have a threshold level for how much inequality is too much.
a. 눈에 띄는, 구별된
There was a marked and quite significant increase in income inequality.
v. 규제를 없애다
Sometimes you need to have a little bit more inequality in order to get growth going as part of deregulating of your economy.
conj. 만약 ~라면
Provided that was the case, I wouldn’t be overly concerned that a given level of inequality was causing great harm.
fizzle out
The countries have enjoyed bursts of growth but then have fizzled out rather quickly.
a. 화합하는, 결합력이 있는
In societies that are more socially cohesive, governments can take measures that are acceptable for the population at large.
a. 화폐의, 통화의; 금융의
We know that monetary rewards are really crucial.
a. 필수불가결한
We should not forget that inequality is indispensable for the development of a society.
n. 침체, 정체
We have essentially a stagnation of middle class incomes in rich countries.
v. 불안정하게 하다
That is a very interesting and a potentially politically destabilizing development.
n. 금권 정치 (국가)
We could end up with a kind of a global plutocracy.
off guard
방심한, 무방비 상태로
A number of viruses have caught the world off guard, even though they should not have.
n. 장애; 결점, 결함
Its possible connection to birth defects compelled the WHO to declare an international public health emergency.
n. 변형 (과정)
Zika’s transformation from a sleeping virus to a global crisis is all too familiar.
n. 발생, 발발
With every new outbreak, the same repeated flaw in the approach to infectious disease control is exposed.
a. 적극적인, 진취적인
Proactive, aggressive elimination efforts got rid of the Aedes aegypti mosquito in 23 countries.
n. 무관심, 냉담
Gubler noted that our comfort in victory kicked off a period of “increasing apathy and complacency.”
a. 전례 없는
In the four decades that followed, unprecedented population growth occurred around the world.
a. 외딴, 먼
Mosquitoes that had once spread diseases in remote, less-populated areas had millions more human hosts to bite and infect.
v. 강화하다
Advances in global transportation made the world smaller and further enhanced the ability of viruses to expand their reach.
v. (돌연)변이하다
A respond-to-an-emergency approach cannot keep up with the ability of viruses to mutate and spread.
n. 유행병, 전염병
In 2007, a Zika epidemic swept through Yap Island in the Federated States of Micronesia.
n. 경계, 경보
In May 2015, the Pan American Health Organization issued an alert about the transmission of Zika virus in Brazil.
n. 사고방식
Part of our problem is that we have the mentality of looking at these viruses as one species.
a. 활동하지 않는
We should learn from this that just because a virus is lying inactive does not mean it is less of a threat to the world’s populations.
a. 영향을 받기 쉬운; 감염되기 쉬운
With half the world’s population living in areas susceptible to infectious diseases, a virus that has gone quiet can easily come roaring back.
a. 철저한, 완전한
Building a more thorough global network of early detection centers around the world is also essential for a proactive approach to infectious disease.
n. 징조, 조짐
Early indication is important, and it gives us the ability to take measures right away.
n. 생태학; 생태 환경
We need to look at culture, epidemiology, economics, and ecology at a local level and develop strategies from there.
a. 둘(이상)의 학문 분야에 걸치는
Infectious disease researchers are pushing toward a more interdisciplinary approach to predict outbreaks.
connect the dots
다양한 사실에서 결론을 도출하다
Jonathan Patz is doing research to connect the dots between climate change and global health.
n. 급증, 급등
There is a silver lining in the surge of outbreaks.
a. 완전한; 순전한
It brings the sheer connectedness of humanity into sharp focus.
a. 오래 지속하는
Outbreaks are forcing us to break long-standing lines of division.
v. 받아들이다, 포용하다
Outbreaks are forcing us to embrace the fact that we are one species.
petri dish
n. 페트리 접시
We’re all in the same petri dish.
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