Just Speak Up-Book 1 Unit 02 (E)
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the art and science of designing and making buildings
The architecture of the building was plane and unimaginative.
the primary city of a country or state that is home to the government of that country or state
Rome is the capital of Italy.
a person who is from a different place or country
People knew the man was a foreigner because he did not speak English.
to come to a different country in order to live there
The Potato Famine from 1845 to 1851 caused many Irish to immigrate to other countries.
big; having a great size
The large box has a chair in it.
belonging to a particular place
The natives showed him around the island.
allowed or accepted by someone with authority
A report in the official police newspaper gave no reason for the move.
the total number of people who live in a particular area, such as a city or country
My home town has a population of about 60,000 people.
an area of land or ocean controlled by a government or person
The Shilla and Paekche kingdoms ruled the southern territories.
well known
잘 알려진
Broadway Street is well known to tourists in New York.
가장 빠르게 암기하도록 도와주는 암기학습 〉
제대로 외웠나 바로 확인하는 리콜학습 〉
철자까지 외우려면 스펠학습 〉
재미있게 복습하려면 매칭 게임 〉
주관식으로도 재미있는 복습, 크래시 게임 〉
수업 중 이 단어장을 보고 듣고 질문하는 슬라이드 〉
수업시간이 들썩 들썩 퀴즈배틀 (로그인) 〉
클릭만으로 종이낭비 없이 시험지 인쇄 (로그인) 〉
필요한 세트를 직접 만드는 단어장 만들기 (로그인) 〉
선생님들이 만드신 30만개 단어장 검색하기 〉
궁금한 것, 안되는 것
말씀만 하세요:)
답변이 도착했습니다.