Developing Listening Skills 2nd-Book 3 Unit 6-1 (E)
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an official, informative statement
We heard the announcement at work that a terrible earthquake had struck the countryside.
a room at the top of a house just below the roof
The attic can get so hot during the summer.
increasing or getting larger slowly through more and more additions
The world’s population cumulatively increases as it nearly doubles every five years.
a gift or sum of money that is given to help support an organization or cause
I collected donations for the orphanage.
figure out
to discover, solve, or understand
I've been trying to figure out the answer to this question all day.
go over
examine, consider, or check the details of something
I think you should go over the test one more time before you turn it in.
a medical student or doctor
I was lucky that a medic was in the building when I slipped and fell down the steps.
very impressive; done with a lot of energy
Arsenal scored three late goals in a storming finish.
belief, actions, or practice based upon faith in luck, MAGIC, and fear of the unknown
Bad luck on Friday the 13th is just a silly superstition.
a person whose job is to care for animal's health
Sophia has always loved animals so she decided to become a veterinarian.
가장 빠르게 암기하도록 도와주는 암기학습 〉
제대로 외웠나 바로 확인하는 리콜학습 〉
철자까지 외우려면 스펠학습 〉
재미있게 복습하려면 매칭 게임 〉
주관식으로도 재미있는 복습, 크래시 게임 〉
수업 중 이 단어장을 보고 듣고 질문하는 슬라이드 〉
수업시간이 들썩 들썩 퀴즈배틀 (로그인) 〉
클릭만으로 종이낭비 없이 시험지 인쇄 (로그인) 〉
필요한 세트를 직접 만드는 단어장 만들기 (로그인) 〉
선생님들이 만드신 30만개 단어장 검색하기 〉
궁금한 것, 안되는 것
말씀만 하세요:)
답변이 도착했습니다.