Listening Practice through Dictation-Book 1 (E)
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having nothing inside
The room was empty except for an old piano in the corner.
needing or wanting to eat
However hungry you may be, you must eat slowly.
to be or stay in a certain state
The English Channel lies between the North Sea and the Atlantic.
objects thrown on the ground and left there as waste, usually in a public place
Don't throw litter onto the street.
a meal that people eat during the middle of the day
Tom and Mary are eating lunch now.
pick up
to lift up, to collect something or someone from a certain place
She bent down and picked up the book.
a meal that is eaten outdoors on the ground
Many families go to parks for a picnic.
to damage something, usually by treating it poorly
I spoiled the first picture I drew.
a certain place or area
Let's meet at this same spot tomorrow.
to move an object through the air by pushing it quickly and forcefully from the hand
Tommy is throwing bread to the ducks.
a device used for taking photographs or making video recordings
How do you like your new digital camera?
compact disc
a digital optical disc data storage format
I will miss my PC and my compact disc player.
to remove or erase something
Several lines had been deleted from her speech.
displaying time with numbers
How you have the PhotoPro model 4000 digital camera?
an image of someone or something, such as a photograph, painting, or drawing
She hung the picture on the wall.
to produce a copy by using a machine that presses ink to a surface
Do you want me to print out the list?
run out
to use up; to become insufficient
Our car runs out of gas. We have to walk home.
to keep money so that you will have it later
You can save some money if you walk to school. You can help them with that money.
an open area, within which objects are placed
There is not enough space in this room for two sofas.
to keep
Ants store a lot of foods for the winter in their houses.
a place where wine and other ALCOHOLIC drinks are sold
The bar was crowded with people who were watching the game on a Friday night.
the quality of being attractive and producing great pleasure
I like the woman who has oriental-calm beauty.
the shape and structure of something
Magma erupts in the form of lava.
a soft yellow metallic element that is highly valuable, often used for coins and jewelry
Olympic athletes can win gold, silver, or bronze medals.
small, attractive objects that people wear to improve their appearance
She has a safe in her closet where she keeps her jewelry.
a hard substance such as iron, steel, gold, lead, or similar materials that can be shaped or melted and can conduct electricity
That fence is made of narrow pieces of metal not wood.
being very rare, expensive, and worth a significant amount of money
There are precious jewels in the cave.
occurring infrequently; not commonly found
It's rare to see snow here in September.
to give a certain material a particular form
I usually shape clay like an apple in craft lessons.
to determine something's price or importance
Most people do not truly value the work of a woman in the home.
a group of people who play music together
The club has a band, who are all excellent musicians.
per one person or thing
The two teams played against each other.
a time when people gather in order to celebrate together
The wine festival is held year after year in France.
line up
to form a line
Please line up and take your turn. It's first come, first served.
to fail to hit something or obtain a desired result
Henry missed the bus. He night be late for school.
the art or study of producing pleasing sounds by instruments or voices
He has nothing but rock music on the brain.
in a short amount of time
She became famous overnight. Now she is a star!
to use money in order to buy something
I spend most of my free time watching rented videos.
the season and period of time that comes after the spring and before the fall
I always wear short sleeves during the summer.
a printed piece of paper that shows that someone has paid to enter a place or travel somewhere
How much is a round-trip ticket for children?
making tired and not interested
The film was boring, so I fell asleep.
happening before expected
Susan wakes up early every morning.
before all other people or things
The first pizza shop opened in 1905 in New York.
to give an answer without knowing whether it is correct
Can you guess the answer to this riddle?
to have desire and belief
I hope he will recover soon.
most recent; the latest
I watched the wrestling on TV last night.
a story that is written and intended to be performed by actors on a stage
In our play I wore a king's costume.
a person who teaches others, especially in a school
Susan wants to be a teacher when she grows up.
to look at people or things for a particular period of time in order to see what is happening
It was amazing to watch them perform.
the day before today
It was rainy the day before yesterday.
the amount of time a someone or something has been alive
She looked very old but her age was only 22.
a form of theater that tells a story through music and dance, usually with a graceful and precise style of movement
The woman is dancing ballet with her partner.
a program of classes that teach students about a specific subject
This book is required reading for our course.
a group of movements that are performed while music is playing
The only dance I know is the hokey-pokey.
to like; to have a good time
Every summer people like to enjoy the sun.
showing beautiful movement, behavior or form
The lords and ladies are very graceful.
to gain knowledge
It takes a long time to learn a foreign language.
to do something repeatedly in order to improve a skill
We have practice today at four o'clock at the gym.
one part or stage in a process
Paper copies are printed at the very last step.
A street is a road in a city, town, or village, usually with houses along it.
There are many people on the street.
a person who makes art, such as paintings or drawings
Da Vinci was a famous artist.
to do something differently or cause something to be different
We must change from the local to an express.
the light of the sun that is seen during the day
We were ready to leave before daylight.
an area of land next to a house where plants are grown
We have various plants in our garden.
a number of objects or persons considered together as a unit
The teacher split the class into two groups.
an artist who uses IMPRESSIONISM in his or her work
There's some impressionist art I'd like to see.
belonging to or made by a certain person or thing and no one else
She saw her own image in the mirror.
the outline of an object
What shape is the balloon in the hall?
a very small community or town in the country
Most of the people of this village are farmers.
the final product or result of a some labor effort
The work expresses the artist’s love for life.
be full of
containing as much as possible
The mountain is full of huge rocks.
the part of an ocean or sea's shore that is sandy and filled with small rocks
We went swimming at the beach.
to be confident that something is true
They all believe the story to be true.
believe in
to be sure that something is true
Do you believe in ghosts?
being without light or without much light
Before it gets dark, we should get to there.
being the one or the other of two
The offices on either side were empty.
the large objects that one uses in a room, including chairs, tables, beds, etc.
Most furniture is made of wood.
the spirit of a dead person or animal believed to live in an unseen world and is seen, heard, or sensed by living people
Her ghost is believed to haunt the old house.
often visited by ghosts
A haunted house is difficult to sell.
something said or done to make people laugh
We all laughed out loud when he joked about his funny experience.
to have enough money to purchase something
We cannot afford to buy a new house.
come over
to visit or stop by
Would you like to come over tonight?
to like; to have a good time
I enjoyed our chat over the telephone.
an area in which sports are played
The players have all left the field.
living room
the room of a house etc in which the occupants of the house usually sit during their leisure time.
She set up her stereo in the living room.
not at any time
I have never seen an active volcano.
the standard or value of something
This paper is very poor quality. It's very hard.
to keep money so that you will have it later
He saved money so that he might buy a house.
the part of a computer or television that displays pictures or other information
There was no picture on the TV screen.
soccer game
a game played on a teams of 11 players
I watched a soccer game. It was between Korea and Japan.
a person who pretends to be a character in a movie or play
He is famous as an actor.
a person who cuts hair
The barber is cutting the man’s hair.
in addition to; as well
He can speak several languages besides his own.
to smooth or straighten one's hair using a COMB
The woman is combing her hair after shampooing.
known by a lot of people; easy to recognize
The city is famous for its museums.
the cutting of someone's hair
I was going to the barber shop for my haircut.
(of men) attractive
He's not handsome, but he's really nice.
a story represented in motion pictures, watched on a television or in a theatre
I finally saw the movie the other day.
feeling tired and wanting to sleep
I feel sleepy, and yet I must read through the book.
to damage something by pulling it too hard or moving it across a sharp object
I got poor grade. My mom tried to tear at my exam paper.
an item or items added to something else in order to beautify it
The room was decorated in bright greens.
extremely good tasting
The food has a delicious smell.
help yourself
to invite someone to enjoy their fill of something
Please, help yourself to some lemonade.
a party given after moving in to a new house
Thanks for inviting me to your housewarming party.
beautiful and attractive in a graceful manner
She is lovely, and yet stupid.
a large building with many different stores that you can shop at
We can shop at many different stores at the mall.
move into
to occupy or take position of a place
He moved into the most beautiful and tall apartment in town.
a social event often with food and drinks and dancing
My party will be on the Saturday nearest to my birthday.
something to eat and drink
Would you like some refreshment?
buying goods in shops
There are twelve items on my shopping list.
to go from one place to another place
He has traveled almost all parts of the world.
after all
in the end
He didn't come after all.
all the things that affect the health, growth or progress of something
We must preserve the environment.
beyond the usual size, extent, or degree
I would gladly pay extra for a good seat.
in a manner that meets common standards of what is right and acceptable
We won the game by fair means.
the group of people who rule a nation
My uncle is a government official.
instead of
as a substitute or alternative to
He is playing instead of working.
the system of rules and conduct observed by citizens of a community or nation, enforced by the governing body of the region
Everyone must obey the law.
coins or bills used to buy things, usually earned by working
He saved money so that he might buy a house.
to create something new out of materials that have been already used; send something old to a place where it will be turned into new material
Companies are now trying to recycle their waste.
to put, bring, take, give, or send something back to its original place
I returned the letter unopened.
a group of people who sing together, for example in church services or public performances
I used to sing in the church choir.
a person who creates music
A composer is a person who writes music.
a human or animal that can lay eggs or produce babies from its body
More females than males are employed in the factory.
a device that is used for creating music
A musician is playing an instrument.
to try to hear someone or something by concentrating on the sounds being made
I listen to a radio course everyday.
made up of
be consist of, be composed of
One team is made up of 6 players.
a group of musicians with instruments, most often playing classical music
The orchestra was playing our song.
a large musical instrument with black and white keys that you press down to produce different musical notes
Do you want to learn how to play the piano?
something that is heard; a noise
Light travels much faster than sound.
to form letters, numbers or other symbols on a surface with a pen, pencil or other instrument
You should write your address on the envelope.
to create something that is indistinguishable from something else
Please make one copy of this picture.
a short written work that displays someone's opinions or beliefs regarding a particular subject
His writings include poem and essays.
to end or complete something
John has to finish his school work.
to pass along or give something to somebody by using the hands
Please hand me that book.
have to
to be obligated to do something
We'll have to hurry or we'll be late.
school work that teachers give pupils to do at home
I'll do my homework after dinner.
to allow someone to do something
Please let me go, I have to go home.
sixty seconds and one sixtieth of an hour
Sixty seconds make one minute.
a small book with blank or lined pages for notes and memos
He tore a blank page from his notebook.
the simplest unit of a sentence in speech or writing
The word was on the tip of my tongue.
doing work or some other activity; having little or no free time
The children were busy with their homework
from the beginning to the end of something
We have had little rain during this summer.
as much as is needed
I've had enough practice to pass the test.
not controlled by anyone, able to do whatever one wants
He spends most of his free time in the garden.
a sport played on ice in which the players wear skates and carry curved sticks with which to hit a PUCK into the opposite team's goal
Ice hockey is a fast and rough sport.
Let's go swimming in the ocean this weekend.
a group of people that play games together
Our team won by a score of 73 to 61.
a storm with thunder and lightning and heavy rain
She was scared of thunderstorms last night.
normally; regularly
That clerk usually finishes work by five o’clock.
the period from Friday evening through Sunday evening
I'm going camping with my friends this weekend.
a small and typically round object made from stone, glass, wood or other materials that can be connected with a string to be worn or displayed
She's making colorful glass beads.
a chain or band worn around the wrist
The young girl likes to wear her mother's bracelet.
an activity in which a person makes objects by hand, often requiring special skills
This furniture is made by someone who is good at his craft.
a piece of jewelry worn on the ear
She always wears small earrings.
of a different manner or place
Do you want anything else?
a piece of JEWELRY that hangs around the neck
It's not a real diamond necklace, it's just a fake!
made of PLASTIC
I usually drink from plastic cups not paper cups.
being attractive to the eye in a simple way
She bought a pretty ribbon for her daughter.
thick thread
The package is tied with a red string.
allowing to be seen through
Window glass is transparent.
to be present
He attends church services on Sundays.
the day of a person's birth
My grandma always gives me a present on my birthday.
the son or daughter of an uncle or aunt, also known
This is my sister and that is my cousin.
the main or largest meal of the day, typically served in the early evening
We invited her to have dinner with us.
a group of people who are related to each other, especially parents and their children
Give my regards to your family.
to stop thinking about or considering someone or something
The children will never forget visiting this park.
something that is given to a person or a group in order to express good feelings or to celebrate a special occasion
I would like to give you a gift for Christmas.
the number of points that an individual or team earns in a game, contest, or test
She had the best score on the examination.
referring to all of something; entire
In spring the whole world becomes green.
to cover or ENCLOSE something with a thin material such as paper or cloth
Please wrap this necklace as a gift.
to burst or become damaged
Mirror is easy to break. Be careful!
a female child of parents
The little girl is Mr. Brown's daughter.
without difficulty or effort
A baby gets sick easily.
to repair something
Honey, can you fix the broken toilet bowl?
an activity which helps people learn something
I have a lesson in art history tomorrow.
having been alive for a long time
My father is very old. He has many wrinkles in his face.
one day
I'll be a world best soccer player one day.
an outdoor seat that hangs by two ropes, often from a tree
The boys are playing on the swing.
with, or doing something with, each other
We grew up together in the same village.
having lived for a short time or being in an early period of growth
He's an ambitious young man.
a bad event that often happens suddenly and mistakenly
They had an accident during their trip.
something that can be used to replace or support another thing
You made a back-up copy, didn't you?
thinking about what you are doing in order to avoid a mistake
Be careful, or you will lose your money.
to have an item that holds something inside of it
This metal contains gold.
a device used to store and organize papers
Did you get the file I sent you yesterday?
get back
to come or go again
I have to get back to the office.
a room that often contains a desk and chair where business is done
He is working in his office.
to fix or RESTORE something that is broken
His car broke down. He needed to repair it.
something that is made to damage a computer and its files, data, etc., and that is usually passed through the Internet
A computer virus is spreading.
paintings, drawings, or other expressive works that are considered beautiful or valuable
Sam and Mary saw paintings at the art museum.
a test to determine a person's health or knowledge in a certain subject
She really wants to pass the examination.
most preferred or liked
Which is your favorite subject?
grow up
to get older
I want to be a fireman when I grow up.
work that a person does in exchange for money
He has a job as an office clerk.
to PARTICIPATE in an activity with others
Come and join in the festivities.
the science and study of numbers and shapes and their relationships to each other
I have a test in mathematics tomorrow.
course of study
We learn many subjects in school.
to the time of
They waited up for her until she returned.
would like to
used to express desire
We would like to go to Chicago, but we just have one week.
to be a member of a particular group and feel welcomed
The book belongs to her.
things made from cloth that people wear on their bodies, such as shirts and dresses
She always wears expensive clothes.
drop off
to deliver or deposit at a specific place
The book dropped off the shelf.
the things, events, and conditions in a person's life
I want everything ready by tomorrow.
a piece of clothing that is shaped to fit and cover the head
She pulled her hat down over her eyes.
having standard mental or physical ability or health
Her temperature is normal.
the amount of money one pays in order to obtain something
The price of rice is 180,000 won a bag.
(usually followed by "against" or "from" ) to defend against harm or danger
Helmets protect the players from brain injuries.
the process of selling something for money
The new models will go on sale next week.
glasses with dark lenses which you wear to protect your eyes from bright sunlight
I put on my sunglasses because of the glaring lights.
an announcement, picture, or commercial intended to convince people to buy a product or to receive a service
The advertisement for fast food is effective on both children and adults.
curious or concerned
The car buyers are more interested in safety than speed.
global computer network
The internet allows me to do research much faster.
ordered series
I made a list of toys I wanted for Christmas.
They were looking for the missing eggs.
printed account of news
The newspaper describes events around the world.
not full time
He got a part-time job because he needed money.
right away
immediately, without waiting or any delay
My sister told me to come home right away.
examine something thoroughly
We all searched for his car keys with no luck.
being needed; having a purpose
Having a computer is useful when writing an essay.
at all
in the slightest degree
I can't see her at all, because it's too dark.
a woody plant, typically shorter than a tree and with many branches
I scratched my hand on a bush.
to have as a price
How much does this tape recorder cost?
a substance used to make soil produce larger or more plant life
It some more fertilizer for the garden.
the flat and green parts of a plant that absorb light to make food
Three ants are carrying a leaf.
being a substance that is neither a gas nor a solid, which flows freely but without separating
We use liquid soap to wash dishes.
a math problem that someone solves to show that they understand the math concept
Can you explain this problem?
to manufacture something using machines
This factory produces steel.
to a degree; rather
It is quite cool in the shade.
to feel better after an illness and return to a healthy state
While I was recovering from my illness, Joe told me what had happened in our old town.
to succeed in doing something after working hard to do it
You can't achieve everything overnight.
a light, repeated task usually done to keep a house in order
A chore is a one of the boring tasks we do it at home.
of or related to a house
A lot of household waste can be recycled.
items of made of cloth that have been or must be washed
Every house has lots of laundry hanging out to dry.
to allow someone to use or have some of something that belongs to you
He shared his lunch with me.
a person who is studying something
This is a book every student must read.
(followed by an adverb or preposition) to clean a surface with a brush
The children are sweeping the snow away from the house.
take turns
do something in turns; alternate
We take turns driving each week.
a cooperative effort with each person working to reach a common goal
That's why training in teamwork is important.
by the way
a phrase indicating additional information
What did you say your name was, by the way?
hard to manage, complete or do
This book is so difficult that I cannot read it.
whole; all of
The entire building caught on fire.
the number 50
This chair sells for fifty dollars.
experiencing good things, results, and successes as a result of chance alone
It's lucky that we got here early.
a race that is run over a distance of forty-two KILOMETERS
A marathon is one of the most difficult sports.
a contest between either people, animals or vehicles, to determine which is the fastest
My horse was placed second in the race.
a person who RUNS for exercise or for a sport
He was such a good runner that I couldn’t catch him.
to a particular degree that is previously stated or understood
It's such a beautiful day!
take part
be involved
All students take part in sports activities.
all over
everywhere; in all parts
The fallen leaves are spread all over the garden.
a country and the smallest continent, located between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific
australia is home to kangaroos and koalas.
from one person, thing, or place, to another
The distance between New York and London is about three thousand miles.
something that is put into a book to show the place where you stopped reading
I marked my page in the book with a bookmark.
a person who competes in a game or sport
How many players were on the football field?
a device used for hitting a ball in sports like tennis
Oh, my tennis racket has a broken string!
an official statement which explains how things must be done and what is allowed in a particular system or situation
He has to followed the rules within his rights.
an activity or game where people compete against each other to win
To me, skiing is the most dangerous sport.
a game played by two people with special bats and a ball in a court with four walls
The new complex has squash courts, a sauna and a gym.
a game in which two or four players hit a ball back and forth across a net
He is better at tennis than at squash.
a game played outdoors on a large field where two teams try to score runs by using a bat to hit a small ball, or the ball used in the game itself
The game of baseball is over one hundred years old.
a formal act that is performed according to a social or religious tradition
Jack and Jane held their wedding ceremony last week.
a sport dealing with the movement of the body
I used to do a lot of gymnastics, but it hurt my knees.
to request something or ask someone to attend an event or go somewhere in a formal, polite manner
I’d like to invite you to my birthday party.
an award shaped like a coin
A gold medal was awarded to the winner.
a soft shiny gray metal that is used to make coins, serving tools, JEWELRY, etc. and is very valuable
Gold and silver are precious metals.
stay up
to remain awake
I want to stay up until the sun rises.
become in need of rest or sleep; grow wear
He's too tired to walk any further.
to succeed in a game or contest
He always makes an effort to win the game.
a female adult
The woman speaking with him is my mother.
build up
to accumulate
We are trying to build up overseas markets for our cars.
catch a cold
to contract the common cold
Please be careful not to catch a cold.
gas station
a place where gasoline and oil is sold
The man is driving his car to the gas station.
a measure of distance; 1,000 meter
One kilometer is equal to 1,000 meters.
a part of the body of a human or animal that functions to produce movement
What great muscles! Do you work out in a gym?
I’m scared of the dog because it’s unfriendly.
to slide or move on a surface while wearing ice or roller skates
The children skated onto the thin ice.
hurting; causing pain
I have a sore throat. I think I'm catching a cold.
physically powerful and healthy
A strong man can lift heavy things.
the tubes inside the neck through which air travels to the lungs and food travels to the stomach
I've got a sore throat and a runny nose.
to let someone do something
They allowed the children to stay up for the party.
a person or team that has bested all others
Yu-na is the skating champion of the world.
to try to do something better than others who are doing the same thing, often in order to win something
Jane competed with Eric for a prize.
an area of land ruled by its own leaders and government
Canada is a very large country.
any social gathering, occasion, or planned activity
President's visit was an special event.
to come down from a higher position suddenly
Suddenly a heavy rain began to fall.
appropriate for a particular purpose
Her skirt doesn't fit - it's too big.
to cause an event, such as a meeting, sale or party, to happen at a specific place or time
The man is holding a meeting.
martial arts
a kind of training used for fighting or self-defense, like karate, taekwondo, or kung fu
I'll teach him martial arts.
the coldest season of the year in the northern part of the year
I will go to skiing resorts during my winter vacation.
a light vehicle with two wheels behind one another, powered by a circular motion of the rider's legs
They walk or ride a bicycle for a day.
to take or receive something, belonging to another, with the promise of returning it
Can I borrow a pencil? I didn't bring my pen.
concerning the environment
The process is designed to be environmentally friendly.
the tools, supplies, or materials needed to perform a task or activity
It doesn't work! I think our equipment’s too old.
having a smooth surface without changes in level
The woman is changing a flat tire.
in order to
as a means to
You have to do your best in order to succeed.
a drawing or picture of an area that shows where things such as rivers or roads are
Can you find our position on this map?
(plural: people) a human being; an individual
A composer is a person who writes music.
a thick, rubber ring, containing air, that covers the wheel of a vehicle
We had a flat tire during our trip.
to go from one place to another place
He has traveled almost all parts of the world.
to take something or someone to a certain place
You don’t have to bring your lunch.
a place that is more important and where more people live in compared to town
They moved from the city to the suburbs.
in a direct manner
James ran directly home from school, without stopping at the candy store.
the early part of the night following the end of the afternoon and before you go to bed
The western sky is red this evening.
look forward to
to expect; to hope for eagerly
We're really looking forward to seeing you again.
make for
tend to result in or be received as
The large print makes for easier reading.
the part of day from twelve o'clock at night until noon
I jog every morning before breakfast.
a small, dry fruit protected by a hard shell that grows on certain trees
Squirrels eat nuts, shoots, and bark.
a smooth brown nut with an edible kernel similar to a walnut
Her favorite dish is pecan pie but I don't like it.
toward the south; in the DIRECTION of the south
Anyang is just south of Seoul.
a place where airplanes arrive and leave
The airplane lifted from Jeju airport at 10 a.m.
to reach, or be delivered to the point at the end of a journey
We arrived in time for the concert.
a large vehicle, usually carrying passengers on fixed routes
He overslept and missed his bus.
to travel in an aircraft
The airplane was flying at an altitude of 30.000 feet.
a business with rooms and beds that travelers and other guests pay to sleep in for a period of time
Tommy's parents stayed at a hotel in New York.
an easily recognizable or important structure that is easy to see
Nelson's Column is a famous landmark in London.
on time
according to schedule; punctually
Don't be late. You have to come here on time.
package tour
a tour arranged by a travel agent; transportation and food and lodging are all provided at an inclusive price
I took a package tour to Japan with my friends.
the visiting of interesting places, especially by people on holiday
He did a lot of sightseeing when we were in London.
to take someone or something from one place to another in a vehicle
Heavy items are expensive to transport by air.
in the role of
He was excellent as a doctor.
(informal) used to say that the answer to a question could have different answers in different circumstances
Children depend on their parents.
the place one is traveling to
The destination of our trip is San Francisco.
the money people pay to travel on public transportation, taxis or boats
What is the fare from Seoul to Busan?
providing help
These cassettes are very helpful to learn English.
to be of importance or concern
It doesn’t matter to me where you go.
a sentence or phrase that a person asks in order to gain information, or check that someone has learned something
Please answer my question.
to state a particular idea or plan to be considered by other people
He suggested a hike, and we agreed that.
a line of vehicles that are connected together and to a machine that pulls it on a track
This train stops at every station
travel agent
a place where people go to make flight arrangements for a trip
A travel agent booked her hotel reservations.
a specific region or part of a city, country, etc.
It was a risk to enter that area.
as if
as it would be if
I can remember it as if it were yesterday.
having very attractive or appealing physical qualities
Seoul has many beautiful parks.
a device that lets you see things that are very far away
I watched the birds through my binoculars.
making tired and not interested
It was boring to sit there without anything to do.
one of many thin tubes with soft hairs on each side that birds are covered by
Of course I can lift the box. It's light as a feather.
to bring something forth
The cuckoo lays its eggs in other birds nests.
a structure that is built or chosen by a bird or other creature, usually for storing its eggs and protecting its young
Birds build their nests out of twigs.
a public piece of grassy land, in or near a city or town, used as a place in which to exercise or play
Many people play badminton in the park.
the day following today
I will pay you back tomorrow.
the season of the year between summer and fall in which temperatures drop and leaves change color or fall from trees
Most foreign tourists to Korea come in spring or autumn.
a device that shows directions by always indicating which way is north
When going on a long hike, it is a good idea to bring a compass.
a vacation on a large ship that stops at ports
The sailors were on a cruise.
an animal that has hair or fur and drinks milk from its mother
Whales belong to mammals.
built by humans
We had a man-made pond in the yard.
midway between north and east
The city is about 400 miles northeast of Beijing.
a very large MAMMAL that lives in the ocean and has a body similar in appearance to a fish
A whale is the largest animal in the world.
in or at any place that
You can get off wherever you want.
an unusual or remarkable thing, event, or person
He never cleans his house. It’s a wonder he has cleaned his room.
physical harm that results in a person or object being hurt or broken
The crash caused a lot of damage to the car.
the act of entering
We received tickets at the entrance.
an amount of money that must be paid before someone is allowed to do something
The doctor's fee was cheap.
an area covered with trees
Many trees grow in the forest.
the number 100
One hundred cents make one dollar.
of or relating to a nation as a whole
We should preserve our national heritage.
to book something, such as a restaurant table or hotel room, for one's use at a particular time in the future
We reserved two concert tickets.
being more than two but not a large amount
There were several pictures on the wall.
take care of
look after
Who takes care of the children while you're at work?
a person who comes to a place to see someone or something
What time will our visitors arrive?
a switch activated by pressing
I think if you press this button it might work.
to make a decision
You may choose whichever way you wish.
credit card
a special plastic card made by a bank, used for buying things without giving cash to the store
May I pay for it with a credit card?
not hard to do
That is an easy question to answer.
electronic equipment
People are shopping in an electronics store.
moving or able to move rapidly
Cars moved very fast on the highway.
being full of pain, trouble, and problems
After a hard day’s work, I like to listen to some restful music.
a distinct, individual thing that is often part of a larger group, category, or list
All items should be labeled with a price.
on the Internet
I can't remember my online banking password.
one or more pages that are connected to the Internet
How many visitors does your website get each month?
used to stress the fact that two objects, people or places are being referred to
The price includes both house and furniture.
cell phone
a mobile telephone that works by a system of radio signals
Don't use a cell phone in the library.
having a low cost; inexpensive
The cheap price makes it a good seller.
to get information or find out if something is true or not
There're some in the kitchen cabinet. Can you check?
a highway that can be used without paying a toll
Our car broke down on the freeway.
information that is left for or sent to someone else
She's out right now. Can I take a message?
being close to the center of something
He stands in the middle of the street.
to push down with steady force
I think if you press this button it might work.
to get something
It is better to give than to receive.
being needed; having a purpose
Camels are useful in the desert.
to get so hot that BUBBLES begin to appear in a liquid
You should boil the peas for 1minute.
a small ball of air inside of a liquid, such as soap
Look at the bubble in the laundry machine!
to stop being VISIBLE
The magician made the rabbit disappear.
a very small amount of a liquid that rounds as it falls
She added a drop of vinegar and six eggs.
to leave a place, particularly when someone or something is keeping you there
He escaped from jail.
a substance without a fixed shape that is like air and is neither liquid nor solid
Oxygen and nitrogen are gases.
to move something forward or away, often by using one's hands
She pushed the book under the bed.
done or occurring in a short period of time, without delay
The patient made a quick recovery.
turn into
Caterpillars turn into butterflies.
tiny droplets or pieces of some substance spread thinly throughout the air
The water turns into vapor.
at a higher place than something else
Raise your hand above your head.
to take in a liquid or other substance
The dry sponge absorbs water on the floor.
to speak or act in response
You should answer my question quickly.
to provide reasoning
She explained the problem to me.
a form of energy or brightness that comes from a source (such as the sun or a lamp) and makes it possible to see things
It's too dark, here. Turn the light off, please.
the simplest unit of a chemical substance, usually a group of two or more ATOMS
A molecule of water consists of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen.
to BOUNCE back, as of light, heat, or sound
The moon reflects light from the sun.
to place or leave things in various places
We scattered seeds on the ground for the birds.
a particular area of study within the field of science, such as physical science
We get together and study math and science on Thursdays.
to know the meaning of the words that someone is saying or the language that he or she is speaking
This book is too difficult for me. I can't understand it, at all.
가장 빠르게 암기하도록 도와주는 암기학습 〉
제대로 외웠나 바로 확인하는 리콜학습 〉
철자까지 외우려면 스펠학습 〉
재미있게 복습하려면 매칭 게임 〉
주관식으로도 재미있는 복습, 크래시 게임 〉
수업 중 이 단어장을 보고 듣고 질문하는 슬라이드 〉
수업시간이 들썩 들썩 퀴즈배틀 (로그인) 〉
클릭만으로 종이낭비 없이 시험지 인쇄 (로그인) 〉
필요한 세트를 직접 만드는 단어장 만들기 (로그인) 〉
선생님들이 만드신 30만개 단어장 검색하기 〉
궁금한 것, 안되는 것
말씀만 하세요:)
답변이 도착했습니다.