Developing Listening Skills 2nd-Book 3 (E)
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a container for putting things into
Please put all of your toys in the bin before you eat dinner.
to flower; to produce flowers
When the roses bloom, they fill the air with a pretty scent.
an object or fact that helps someone understand something or solve a mystery
The muddy footprints leading up to the back door gave a clue as to the identity of the thief.
to talk about the details of something
The detectives asked the witness to describe the suspect.
to cause someone to feel courage, confidence or hope
Parents need to encourage children to play more sports and not just to study.
look forward to
to expect; to hope for eagerly
We are all looking forward to our vacation this month.
to cause someone to remember something that they have forgotten
Tom always needs to be reminded about his homework.
an outer edge of something, especially something circular
The basketball rolled around the rim before falling in for the winning points.
stand out
to set apart by grabbing one's attention
She wore a bright red dress to stand out from the rest of the contestants.
causing physical discomfort
A tight pair of shoes can be quite uncomfortable.
the most important item of a display, usually of a table setting
There was a lovely flower centerpiece at each table.
come up with
to make; to create an idea, thought or plan
Since the other team is stronger, it's important that we come up with some good plays in order to win.
to find something for the first time
Archaeologists are constantly trying to discover new knowledge.
almost impossible to believe, incredible
Her new movie is absolutely fabulous!
an object that has been put in a special container in order to be delivered or given to someone
The parcel service was quite slow.
weight lifting
the sport or activity of lifting heavy weights
weight lifting is a good way to develop strength.
a covering of artificial hair worn on the head
She was wearing a blond wig.
at the last minute
at the latest possible moment or opportunity
The car veered to the left at the last minute to avoid striking the pedestrian as she crossed the street.
being possible to use or obtain
Since I had nothing to do during the weekend, I was available to work an extra shift.
a short bar with a weight on each end that one lifts up and down to strengthen the muscles
There were several kinds of dumbbells at the health club.
extremely bad
The smell in the bathroom was horrible.
to shower water on plants
I sprinkled a little bit of powdered cheese over my pizza.
a heavy, usually metal object that is lifted for exercise or sport
The gym has a wide assortment of weights to increase one's strength.
to look after a child while its parents are out
Sue babysits her neighbors children on the weekend.
a very enjoyable experience that is a lot of fun
The party was a blast.
The dumbest move I ever made in my life was to invest in his company without knowing much about the business.
the average amount of time that passes between when an individual is born and when that individual's children are born
The baby-boomer generations includes people born from about 1946 - 1960.
pull over
to direct a moving vehicle to the side of a road and stop
A police car pulled my car over because I was driving too fast.
put off
to wait to do or complete something until the last minute
You shouldn't put off doing your homework until tonight.
to stop working at a job, usually due to reaching a certain age
My father hopes to retire next year.
a room devoted to reading and studying
My dad has a study in our home where he does some work.
to have enough money to purchase something
I never can afford anything these days!
something that ENTERTAINS
The family enjoyed visiting Las Vegas because of the various kinds of entertainment it offered.
being very good
His plan was incredible.
a place where a person pays money to wash their own clothes
I had to go to the laundromat to wash my clothes because my washer was broken.
the highest room or space in a building, just under the roof, used for storage, sleeping, or living
His bedroom loft frees up more space in this living area.
having a formal organization to coordinate or carry out activities
The workers organized into a union to give them power against management.
a person who lives in a place
The residents of Hawaii enjoy a very scenic view.
moving in a continuous curve that winds around a central point
A snail’s shell is spiral in form.
to take out something
I was happy to unpack my things and get settled into my hotel room.
a large building for storing things before they are sold
They stored all the extra items in a large warehouse.
cardboard box
stiff, pasteboard that is shaped into boxes for storing or packaging items
We put all of our things into cardboard boxes for the movers to take to the new house.
the act of building something
A new hotel is now under construction.
to damage something so that it cannot be repaired
Words can destroy a relationship.
flower girl
a member of a wedding party, usually a young girl, that spreads flowers down the aisle before the bride enters
The flower girl sprinkled the aisle with lovely white pedals.
consisting of or resembling fur
My pet cat is quite furry.
to pass the tongue over and along something
You have to lick your ice cream quickly or it will melt.
the outer part of the field in baseball, cricket and some other sports
Dennis was playing catch with a teammate in the outfield.
a measure of hotness or coldness
The water temperature was so low; I thought I was going to freeze!
training wheels
small wheels placed on either side of a bicycle's wheel to provide support for new riders
I had training wheels on my bike until I learned how to ride it without them.
allergic to
a negative reaction to a certain food, material, etc.
I am allergic to cat hair.
break down
to stop working; out of order
My car broke down so I had to take the bus to work.
a light, repeated task usually done to keep a house in order
My weekly chores are taking out the garbage and mowing the lawn.
to make larger
The pupils dilate in the dark.
drop out of
to officially leave or disassociate oneself from a group, organization, etc.
I decided to drop out of the club because they were not going in the direction that I thought they should.
to stop something from happening for a while
The research was interrupted when the funding ran out.
the study and science of the mind and behavior
The Austrian physician, Sigmund Freud, is generally considered to be the father of modern psychology.
in an unlucky manner
unfortunately, I don't have my credit card with me or I'd buy lunch.
a person who sees something that is happening but does not get involved
Several bystanders saw the two men arguing in the street.
depending on
determined by conditions or circumstances that follow
He'll call you tonight depending on how much time he has.
good Samaritan
a person who lends assistance to someone in need
A good Samaritan helped me change a flat tire on my car.
the simplest unit of a chemical substance, usually a group of two or more ATOMS
Two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom make up one water molecule.
to act in a certain way in order to fool others
It's good for children to pretend because it helps with creativity.
a vehicle similar to a bicycle, but with one wheel at the front and two at the back
tricycles are easy enough for young children to operate by themselves.
a special kind of frame which is designed to help babies or disabled or ill people to walk
After his surgery, he used a walker to help him get around.
break in
to enter by force or craft
Someone broke in to the school and stole the computers.
a place where people are put in the ground after they die
Most cemeteries are quite lovely in appearance.
an official legal agreement between different people, groups, companies, or organizations
The contract with Daisy Office Cleaning expires soon.
in advance
before a certain event or service begins
The festival tickets are cheaper if you buy them in advance. Let's go buy them now.
to happen to hear something that was not meant for you
I overheard Marcia and Janet talking about Rachel's party that I was not invited to.
a group of persons organized to promote common ideas in government
Political parties are set up so the voice of many can be represented rather than only a few.
to look at something quickly and secretly because you should not be looking at it
She peeked at the audience from behind the curtain.
a set of rules or ideas that a particular group or organization uses to guide their actions
This company has a strict policy of equal opportunity employment. We never discriminate in our hiring practices.
to make something stronger, fresher, or like new
After 25 years of marriage, the couple renewed their vows at a small ceremony in Hawaii.
a person who gives evidence in a court of law
There were no witnesses to the crime.
the process or work of keeping financial accounts
He majored in accounting at university.
along with
in company with or at the same time as
You should bring your sister along with you.
a person who is trained in or good at sports
Professional athletes make very good salaries.
a formal statement
The charter to create the new union between the two countries was approved on October 11th.
the act of building something
A new hotel is now under construction.
a terrible event
Earthquakes, tsunamis and typhoons are considered natural disasters.
end up
to finally become
After dating for over ten years, they finally ended up getting married.
the act of GRADUATING from a school or university
graduation usually occurs after four years of study at university
Groceries are foods you buy at a grocer's or at a supermarket such as flour, sugar, and tinned foods.
The bag ripped and my groceries rolled across the floor.
on purpose
with intent
My sister hid my shoes on purpose.
very attractive and easy to feel love for
Her little puppy was so adorable that everyone wanted to pet it.
to desire something strongly that another person has
He secretly coveted his sister's new car.
a large wooden container for transporting goods
The antique furniture from Europe came in heavy wooden crates.
very interesting, incredible
The story of the beginning of the church is fascinating.
a social function held to raise money
I attended a fundraiser for the victims of the hurricane.
to choose someone to fill a certain position or responsibility
Dale was nominated for class president.
extremely good; excellent
Mario was an outstanding student.
the state of being economically successful
One way of measuring prosperity is by counting your money.
very thin in a way that is not attractive
The scrawny dog rarely ate and was often cold.
a person who makes a permanent home in a country or region where few people have lived before
The Pilgrims were some of the earliest settlers in North America.
a choice between two or more possibilities
There must be an alternative to children eating junk food all the time.
a performer who dresses up in funny clothes and makes people laugh
The clown had bright blue hair and a big red smile.
a piece of soft towel or paper, which you fasten round a baby's bottom in order to soak up its urine and feces
A baby needs to have its diapers changed often throughout the day.
a container for a letter or card
After you put a stamp on the envelope you can mail it.
a brown sauce made by adding flour to the juices that come out of meat while it is cooking
I like to put gravy over my mashed potatoes.
being uncomfortable, painful, and difficult to experience or accept
The harsh weather in northern Alaska prevents many people from living there.
a group of things that are put together for a specific purpose, usually papers with information
The first 100 visitors to the event will get a special packet filled with coupons, books, and a calendar.
a British term for a bar; a place that serves alchol and hot food
My brother and I went to the pub to play pool.
if a problem, a plan, an activity, etc. snowballs, it quickly becomes much bigger, more serious, more important, etc.
The issue was a only a small one, but he never addressed it and it snowballed into a major problem.
in contrast; being the opposite
Olivia is tall whereas her sister is short.
a combination of eggs, milk, flour, and other food parts that used in cooking
Try not to make a mess when you pour the cake batter into the pan.
something that is filled to the rim of a cap
I drank a capful of the cough medicine.
a synthetic liquid or powder that is used to clean something, usually clothing
I put the detergent into the washing machine and pressed start.
to put something into a liquid and remove it quickly
He dipped the brush into the paint.
one of the food items used when making a meal or drink
Because she lacked several ingredients, the cake did not turn out very good.
to take or put in, on or into something for carrying or transporting
The workers on the dock loaded the ship with goods to be sent overseas.
a small mass of something that does not have any particular shape or form
She was concerned when she felt the lump on her lip.
a list of items needed and a procedure to follow in order to cook a particular dish
Following this recipe is difficult.
soft and wet
The mud felt squishy under our feet.
to move food or liquid around using a spoon or other objects
To heat soup, you need to stir slowly.
to take in a liquid or other substance
The flowers absorbed all the water in the vase.
to organize or plan the details of an activity or event before it happens
She arranged for a limousine to pick her mother up from the airport.
mixed very thoroughly
Pour the beaten batter over the chicken, and then bake it for thirty minutes.
a good or advantageous thing
The new department store brought many benefits to the city.
cut into small bits
Make sure you add chopped vegetables to the recipe and not whole ones.
to include and address a specific subject, or time in history
The survey covers all aspects of the business.
to give the most important facts or central ideas of something
He outlined his theory by covering its most central aspects.
able to be moved around with ease
The mother bought each of her children a portable CD player.
to say someone or something has good qualities and perform well at something
I recommend stretching every morning right after you get out of bed.
to make something smaller in size, amount, or level
She wants him to reduce the amount of time he spends talking.
the line marking the division between two measures of music
If you can hum the first few bars of the song, I may be able to remember the name.
cost a fortune
to cost a very high price
This wedding must have cost a fortune.
a stick used for playing a drum
The drummer always carried around a pair of drumsticks.
make up for
to do or provide something good to balance or reduce the effects of something bad
I'll take 25% off your bill to make up for the poor service.
a particular musical sound produced by an instrument or a person's voice
He played the first few notes of the tune.
a formal dance usually held in high school
I have some great memories of my senior prom.
the current price for something
The call rate in Korea is not cheap as I thought it would be.
stage fright
nervous feelings felt by performers before they appear in front of an audience
I always get stage fright before I give a speech in front of many people.
string quartet
a chamber music ensemble consisting of first and second violins, viola, and cello
The string quartet performed a concert in the park.
a man with magical powers
The old wizard cast a spell on the frog so that it turned into a person.
in a manner that is clear and easily understood
I definitely do not want to work on a maggot farm.
unhappy because something is not what one wanted
She felt disappointed because everyone at school forgot her birthday.
a piece of music for two players or singers
Valerie and Tony sung a lovely duet.
to take or put someone into a group or organization
I have to enroll in two languages classes this semester in order to graduate on time.
completely filled to capacity
He had a good-full voice.
to receive something that belonged to someone else before
I inherited my mother's blue eyes and curly hair.
a computer system that displays information so that a user can read, understand and use it
The new computer program acts as an interface between Windows and Macintosh computer systems.
relating to the law
It is legal to get married when you are 16.
sign up for
to formally agree in writing to participate in something
Let's sign up for the volleyball team.
to play video or sound on a computer by receiving it as a continuous stream, from the Internet for example, rather than needing to wait until the whole of the material has been downloaded
streaming movies and songs is popular these days.
an event in which two separate events happen at the same time or in the same way by chance
It was no coincidence that you did well on your exam; it was through your hard work and determination that you were able to receive such a good grade.
get rid of
to get free from something that you do not want
They are getting rid of all of their unnecessary material possessions.
a sport dealing with the movement of the body
Taking gymnastics when I was a girl allowed me to have a flexible body.
the process of keeping something working well by checking it regularly and fixing any problems
Regular maintenance of your car is extremely important.
(followed by a noun) referring to the particular place where a person was born
She is a native of Indonesia.
a plant with colorful flowers and an unusual shape
orchids are a very exotic flower that can add color to any room.
to get something new to put in the place of something that is old, broken or missing
We are going to replace the carpet with hardwood this week.
a trial or test to see the qualifications of an applicant
They are having tryouts for the baseball team next weekend.
to offer to do something that is not required without being paid
I volunteered to tutor high school students in math when I was in college.
a piece of paper on which there is a series of questions and exercises to be done by a student
The students were given a worksheet to fill out as they watched the movie.
an official, informative statement
We heard the announcement at work that a terrible earthquake had struck the countryside.
a room at the top of a house just below the roof
The attic can get so hot during the summer.
increasing or getting larger slowly through more and more additions
The world’s population cumulatively increases as it nearly doubles every five years.
a gift or sum of money that is given to help support an organization or cause
I collected donations for the orphanage.
figure out
to discover, solve, or understand
I've been trying to figure out the answer to this question all day.
go over
examine, consider, or check the details of something
I think you should go over the test one more time before you turn it in.
a medical student or doctor
I was lucky that a medic was in the building when I slipped and fell down the steps.
very impressive; done with a lot of energy
Arsenal scored three late goals in a storming finish.
belief, actions, or practice based upon faith in luck, MAGIC, and fear of the unknown
Bad luck on Friday the 13th is just a silly superstition.
a person whose job is to care for animal's health
Sophia has always loved animals so she decided to become a veterinarian.
amusement park
a large park equipped with recreational devices such as roller coasters, games, food, etc.
Our senior class is going to an amusement park to celebrate graduation.
a public place where coin-operated video games can be played
We spent the afternoon playing video games in the arcade.
to fault with someone or something for something bad that has happened
Tom is always being blamed when something goes wrong.
check out
to exit an establishment, especially a hotel, and pay any and all fees
I checked out of the hotel at ten in the morning.
a group of people who sing together, for example in church services or public performances
I sang in the church choir for three years.
one or many objects put in a public place for people to see
The art exhibit will be in town for the entire month of July.
the natural place, or type of place, where a plant or animal lives
People have begun to live in the natural habitats of wild animals.
in order to
as a means to
He stayed late in order to finish the project on time.
something bought to remember a place
I brought some souvenirs back from my trip to Japan to show my class.
stop by
to visit; to come over for a short time
The counselor gave her permission to stop by her office during fifth period.
a long narrow space between rows of seats in an aircraft, cinema or church
You should always keep the aisles of an airplane clear.
to make a movie
They are filming in Moscow right now.
in a clear and understandable manner
The bank had obviously been robbed. The window was broken and the alarm was going off.
(old-fashioned) a room in a home, that is used for receiving and entertaining guests
We went to the parlor to sit down and get to know Christie's fiancee.
a piece of ground on which one type of fruit, vegetable or flower is grown
We need to find a nice patch of grass to set up our picnic.
pay attention to
to listen closely
It's very important to pay attention to what you're teacher is saying so that you understand everything.
to move something toward you
She pulled the car to the right to avoid the dog.
located under or below something
The boat sailed through the water, passing underneath the high bridge.
to move through or around a place with no particular purpose
After losing his job, he wandered through the streets trying to figure out why he was laid off.
the flower of a plant that normally grows in fields, forests, etc., without deliberate cultivation
The countryside was filled with colorful wildflowers.
a list of things that will be addressed
I can't see you today because my agenda is completely full.
a branch of mathematics in which letters are used to represent numbers in solving for unknown variables
You need to know basic math skills before you can enroll in an algebra class.
a task or job that is given to someone to do
The assignment is due on Monday. If you hand it in late, it will be docked two points per day.
to be worthy of something
He deserves a raise in his salary for all his contributions to the company.
the particular playing cards that are dealt to a player in a specific round or game
It is hard to be successful in a game of cards when your hand is bad.
advice or ideas that someone gives you to help you make a decision
Your input on the matter is greatly appreciated.
the quality or condition of displaying constant and complete support for people, countries, organizations, or ideas
Missy's loyalty to the company was praised by the CEO.
to encourage something to happen or develop
Eating a healthy breakfast promotes good health.
staff cut
an official reduction in the workforce
The employees at the hotel are very worried about staff cuts.
an unpleasant room or building that does not have fresh air
Open a window because it is too stuffy in here.
a certain amount of money that can be used for something, or a plan for how to use this money
I need to get a budget so I can save more of my money.
to stop a planned event from happening
The canceled the game because of the rain.
to state or show whether or not something is true
I had to confirm the facts with three different people before I could believe my friend.
using one's resources with care
I try to be economical with my salary each month.
able to adjust to new events or requirements easily
Because she was self-employed, her schedule was very flexible.
the money that one earns from work, business, or property
I need a bigger income to afford a bigger house.
a problem or trouble
When her car broke down, it was an inconvenience for her to get to work by public transportation.
an occasion in which one is able to do something
The young girl had the opportunity to travel to Europe with her debate class.
the study of knowledge, truth, and the meaning of life
Studying philosophy is a good way to see the world from a new perspective.
a person who has been chosen to act or speak for another person or organization
If a huge problem occurs in a certain country, representatives from all over the world meet to discuss solutions.
a person being considered for some role, such as a job, membership in a group or government office
She is the next candidate for the promotion.
very sad and without hope
The depressed boy laid on his bed all day and thought about his sick dog.
You drink a raw egg every morning? That is so gross!
lay off
to dismiss an employee temporarily due to a slack in business
The cabinet company was forced to lay off ten employees because of the economic downturn.
to cause anger or displeasure through one's words or actions
My uncle was offended when he saw that the protestors burned the national flag.
to happen to hear something that was not meant for you
I overheard Marcia and Janet talking about Rachel's party that I was not invited to.
a cereal boiled in water or milk, often made with oats
I used to enjoy eating a nice warm bowl of porridge on cold winter mornings.
to get rid of something such as a pain, worry or a BURDEN
Exercise is an effective way to relieve the stress of university life.
careful not to say or do anything that will annoy or upset other people
I tried to find a tactful way of telling her the truth.
a doctor who takes care of animals
We took our family dog to the vet because he wasn't feeling well.
catch on
to become popular or fashionable
He invented a new game, but it never really caught on.
the power of pleasing or attracting people
The hotel is full of charm and character.
to express negative thoughts or emotions
Tom complained when David received more food than him.
a date or time before which something must be done
When is the deadline for the paper?
a scientific test that is performed to study something and see how it reacts to different conditions
The scientist conducted many experiments before reaching a conclusion.
keep track of
to pay careful attention to
Joe needs to keep track of the emails we've been getting.
extra hours that people work at their jobs
My dad makes double his hourly rate when he works overtime.
a minister in charge of a Christian church or group, especially in some Nonconformist churches
Our pastor really tries to make his sermons interesting for young people.
turn up
to come into view
My sister finally turned up at the very last minute.
showing sympathy for other people's problems and being willing to forgive them when they do sth wrong
She has very understanding parents.
가장 빠르게 암기하도록 도와주는 암기학습 〉
제대로 외웠나 바로 확인하는 리콜학습 〉
철자까지 외우려면 스펠학습 〉
재미있게 복습하려면 매칭 게임 〉
주관식으로도 재미있는 복습, 크래시 게임 〉
수업 중 이 단어장을 보고 듣고 질문하는 슬라이드 〉
수업시간이 들썩 들썩 퀴즈배틀 (로그인) 〉
클릭만으로 종이낭비 없이 시험지 인쇄 (로그인) 〉
필요한 세트를 직접 만드는 단어장 만들기 (로그인) 〉
선생님들이 만드신 30만개 단어장 검색하기 〉
궁금한 것, 안되는 것
말씀만 하세요:)
답변이 도착했습니다.