2023년 고1 2회 영어듣기능력평가 11-20번 (딕테이션 추가)
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Architecture Around the World에 관한 다음 내용을 듣고, 언급되지 않은 것을 고르시오.
신청 마감일
잘 듣고 빈칸에 맞는 단어를 쓰세요.

W: Hello, students. I’m Jessica Lee from the student ____. I’m here to tell you about a new event called ____ Around the World. The ____ of this event is to learn about the world’s famous architecture. It’ll be held in the school gym on October 15th. You can make the world’s greatest buildings using paper and listen to a ____ on architecture. If you have any questions, please post them on our school’s social media.
다음을 듣고, Jungle Adventure에 관한 내용과 일치하지 않는 것을 고르시오.
화면을 만져 동물들에게 먹이를 줄 수 있다.
잘 듣고 빈칸에 맞는 단어를 쓰세요.

M: Hello, welcome to our ____ park. We have just opened Jungle Adventure. With this ride, you can ____ driving a car in a 3D digital jungle. Once the ride begins, you’ll enjoy this jungle for five minutes. Before riding, you’ll be given 3D glasses at the ____. When you enter the digital jungle, 10 animals will come to you as if they’re real. The only way to feed them is to push the button on the game stick. Please enjoy this new ride!
대화를 듣고, 남자가 대화 직후에 할 일로 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오.
엄마에게 전화하기
잘 듣고 빈칸에 맞는 단어를 쓰세요.

W: Chad, there’s a problem with our plan to ____ at the animal shelter.
M: What’s the matter?
W: My dad was going to take us there. But now, he has to work, which means that he cannot take us.
M: Why not just go by ourselves?
W: The ____ has a ____ that teenagers must be ____ by an adult. What should we do?
M: Let me think. [Pause] Maybe my mom isn’t working on Sunday.
W: Great. Could you call to ask her if she can come with us?
M: Okay. I’ll do it right now.
W: Thank you.
다음을 듣고, 여자가 하는 말의 주제로 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오.
자료 출처 표기의 중요성
잘 듣고 빈칸에 맞는 단어를 쓰세요.

W: Good afternoon, students. Some of you might use ____ from books or websites without ____ to the original source for your report. It’s ____ wrong to use works created by others without ____ them. Also, you can maintain academic honesty and show respect to the original writers by identifying their ____. Now, I hope you see the importance of mentioning the original source when writing your report.
다음 그림의 상황에 가장 적절한 대화를 고르시오.
잘 듣고 빈칸에 맞는 단어를 쓰세요.

M: Number One
W: Can you join me for a swim?
M: No, I’m sorry. I don’t feel good today.
M: Number Two
W: Wait! Put on your helmet when you’re in the boat.
M: Oh, I forgot. Thank you for letting me know.
M: Number Three
W: I was very ____ to see you ____ a boat.
M: Actually, it’s my ____. I’ve been doing it for a year.
M: Number Four
W: Which do you like better, swimming or boating?
M: I ____ swimming because I’m good at it.
M: Number Five
W: I’m looking for a helmet.
M: We have many types of helmet.
대화를 듣고, 남자의 마지막 말에 대한 여자의 응답으로 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오.

Woman: _____________________________________________________
I’ll give it a chance. Thank you for your advice.
잘 듣고 빈칸에 맞는 단어를 쓰세요.

W: Mike, I need advice on studying.
M: What is it, Jennifer?
W: I cannot keep concentrating on my studies. I often fall asleep or find myself playing games on my smartphone.
M: Do you ____ study at home, like in your room?
W: Yes, I do. I stay at home for studying.
M: In my case, I study in a cafe or in a library to ____ on my studies. I like going to new places to study because it keeps me ____.
W: Do you think it’ll work for me, too?
M: I think so. Why don’t you try and see?
W: _____________________________________________________
대화를 듣고, 남자의 마지막 말에 대한 여자의 응답으로 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오.

Woman: _____________________________________________________
Of course not. I’d be happy to do it.
잘 듣고 빈칸에 맞는 단어를 쓰세요.

M: Christine. Did you hear the news? Our ____, Sally, is ____ to another school.
W: She’s such a nice friend. It’s too bad that I won’t get to see her anymore.
M: I know, right? So, I’m going to throw a ____ party for Sally this Saturday. Can you come?
W: Sure. Where is it?
M: My house at 5 p.m.
W: Sounds good. Is there anything I can help with? Feel free to ask me.
M: Actually, we need a cake. You said you can bake, right?
W: Yeah. I’ve baked ____ cakes before.
M: That’s good. Would you mind making one for her?
W: _____________________________________________________
대화를 듣고, 여자의 마지막 말에 대한 남자의 응답으로 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오.

Man: ________________________________________________________
The first few pages are entirely torn.
잘 듣고 빈칸에 맞는 단어를 쓰세요.

M: Hey, Irene. Do you remember the book I’ve been reading?
W: Yes, I do. Why do you ask?
M: Something happened. So, I still haven’t returned that book yet.
W: What happened?
M: My puppy, Hodu, chewed up the book that I ____. I don’t know what to do.
W: That’s too bad.
M: I think I have to pay a ____ when returning the book.
W: Hmm. It ____ on the condition of the book. How bad is it?
M: ________________________________________________________
대화를 듣고, 여자의 마지막 말에 대한 남자의 응답으로 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오.

Man: ________________________________________________________
Absolutely. That’s exactly what I need.
잘 듣고 빈칸에 맞는 단어를 쓰세요.

W: Hey, John. Do you have plans for winter vacation?
M: I’m considering traveling ____.
W: What country are you thinking of?
M: I want to go ____ warm. Do you have a ____? You’ve traveled a lot.
W: Taiwan. Their food is delicious and the weather is warm even in winter.
M: Sounds good! What did you like the most about Taiwan?
W: Their night market was fun and the people were very friendly.
M: Awesome! I’d like to learn more about Taiwan.
W: I know a ____ website that ____ useful information. Do you want me to send you the link?
M: ________________________________________________________
다음 상황 설명을 듣고, Carl이 Michelle에게 할 말로 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오.

Carl: Michelle, ________________________________________________
can you visit a baby clothing shop with me this weekend?
잘 듣고 빈칸에 맞는 단어를 쓰세요.

W: Carl is going to buy some new clothes as a present for his one-year-old ____. But, he knows nothing about baby clothes. Michelle, his best friend, used to work at a baby clothing shop. She knows how to choose ____ clothes for a baby girl. So, Carl would like to ask her to go to the baby clothing store together this weekend. In this ____, what would Carl most likely say to Michelle?
Carl: Michelle, ________________________________________________
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