Very Easy Reading 2nd-Book 4 (E)
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a stretchy rubber bag that is filled with air or gas and is usually used as a toy
The clown made me a balloon hat.
to arrive at or reach a particular place, stage, or level
The firemen got to the fire in five minutes.
to make a stream of air with one's mouth
You have to blow into the dusty cup to clean it out.
to own, control, or hold something
I have two chocolate bars, but I will share one with you.
related to the color green
Grass, broccoli, and many other plants are green.
having the color of gold or of the sun
My favorite T-shirt is yellow with blue stripes.
I ate the biggest piece of cake at the party.
to open or burst suddenly and with force, sometimes with a brief, loud sound
I'm blowing bubbles and watching them pop.
coming after everything or everyone else; staying after everything or everyone else is gone
The last scene of the movie was my favorite part.
not the same; other
Dogs and cats are very different.
to communicate something
Can you tell me your name?
the possessive form of "he"
his shoes were new and shiny.
a small amount of food that is less than a meal
Every afternoon, I get home from school and have a light snack before dinner.
hot dog
a long bread roll with a hot sausage inside it
We ate hot dogs and cake at my birthday party.
to consume something
I couldn't eat chocolate, I alreday had too much .
a round, sweet and furry fruit that grows on trees
My favorite kind of fruit is peaches.
a type of small, juicy, red fruit
I like to eat strawberry with vanilla ice cream.
any longer; at the present time
Sorry, my brother doesn't live here anymore.
a small, common, flying insect
I don't like it when a fly is near my food.
corn having small ears and kernels that burst when exposed to dry heat
I always eat popcorn at the movie theater.
the possessive form of "she"
her new hairstyle is really nice.
at some point in the future
someday, I will become a doctor and help sick people.
a long-legged, swift-running wild cat
I saw some cheetahs at the zoo today.
physically powerful and healthy
My dad is very tall and strong.
a male cow who has had his sex organs removed
Some people still use ox to carry things.
having very attractive or appealing physical qualities
That dress is very beautiful.
to embrace
I hug my mom every morning.
(informal) being wonderful or excellent
I am super busy today.
a little
a bit, somewhat, slightly
I read a little bit each day.
to make something whole or fill in what is missing
I bought a new stamp, and now my stamp collection is complete.
a container made from glass that is used for drinking
Oh no! I dropped the glass and it smashed.
the white liquid produced by cows
I drink milk every night with my dinner.
to cause a liquid to fall out of its container
If you spill that juice you have to clean it up.
to move closer to someone or something
Will you come to my party this weekend?
a room used for food preparation and cooking
I like to sit in the kitchen and watch my mom cook.
a male parent
My daddy is a lawyer.
the objective form of "we"
All of us went to the party dressed in the same costume.
extremely good tasting
Mixing dough in ice-cream is delicious!
look like
used to describe the appearance of a person or thing or the impression that they give
I look like my sister.
of a possible manner, but not certain
maybe I'll go to the museum today.
accompanying another person or thing
Do you want to walk with me to school?
to create something using work or by putting things together
The children will make the biggest sandcastle on the beach.
the number 5
I ate five cookies and now I feel sick.
an adult male chicken
That rooster is very loud in the morning.
a large, wild animal, belonging to the cat family, that has yellowish orange fur, marked by black lines
I painted a picture of a big tiger eating a rabbit.
coming after everything or everyone else; staying after everything or everyone else is gone
The last scene of the movie was my favorite part.
something that is pictured in the mind, such as how you imagine something will be before you see it in real life
I have a good idea for a new story.
to like; to have a good time
I enjoy sleeping in on Sundays.
the day before today
I didn't go to school yesterday because it was a holiday.
go out
to leave your house to go to social events, etc.
Do you want to go out tonight?
to move an object through the air by pushing it quickly and forcefully from the hand
Let's see who can throw the ball the farthest.
a strong, bendable material made from the juice of a tree
The rubber band broke when I stretched it too far.
to strike a surface and rapidly change direction
How high can you bounce this basketball?
(plural) a set of steps that go from one level of a building or structure to another level
These stairs are very steep.
an insect with a hard, usually black covering to its body
Look out! There is a beetle crawling on your arm.
next to
I sit beside my best friend at lunch.
a hard, flat surface that extends long distances and is specifically designed for vehicles or people to travel on
The road is very rocky and bumpy.
to get back a thing lost
Tom couldn't find his socks anywhere!
a person one has a strong liking for and likes being with, usually not in one's family
No matter what happens, you will always be my friend.
run up
to move quickly towards something
You should not run up or down the stairways.
not the same; other
Dogs and cats are very different.
being better, more important, or out of the ordinary
My mom baked me a special cake for my birthday.
a thick liquid made from plants or animals that is used for cooking or fuel
A lot of people cook with oil.
the possessive form of "they"
They decorated their classroom for the graduation.
experiencing good things, results, and successes as a result of chance alone
People who win the lottery are very lucky.
in the event that something happens or a condition is met
My mom will give me an allowance, if I clean my room every day
(before a noun) deserving sympathy
My poor dog is very old and sick.
a clear liquid that has no taste and smell, falls from the sky as rain, forms oceans and other bodies of water, and is used by people for drinking or washing
I drink eight glasses of water every day.
made of
form ~ out of
Is this chair made of leather?
coins or bills used to buy things, usually earned by working
I want to donate money to charity.
at all times or on every occasion
I always wear my red T-shirt on Monday.
to come behind or after
My dog likes to follow me to school.
having lots of sunlight
The patio is very sunny today. No clouds in the sky.
having or bringing rain; characterized by rain
During the rainy season, it rains a lot.
12 o'clock in the daytime; the middle of the day
At noon, I eat lunch with my friends at school.
past participle of go
The freshly baked apple pie was gone in a matter of minutes.
go down
to descend to a lower place
People go down the stairs slowly because it is slippery.
a dark shape that appears on a surface when light is blocked
Sue likes to play with her shadow.
being full of, containing, or covered with water or other liquids
If you walk in the rain, you will get wet.
to place a person or object somewhere out of sight, that is hard to find
I am going to hide my letter so nobody can find it.
the sister of a person's mother or father, or the wife of a person's uncle
My aunt always buys me interesting presents.
far away
a long distance from here; not close
I have to take the bus to the mall because it's far away.
come by
take ~ to ~
Did he come by taxi or bus?
a vehicle with wings and an engine that can fly through the air
I'm taking my first plane trip today!
a large vehicle for moving large or heavy things
My dad drives a big truck.
parents of your father or mother
My grandparents are really old. They are almost 100 years old.
inline skates
shoes with wheels set in a straight line on the bottom that are used for skating
I like to take my inline skates to the park on weekends.
being near to something or someone in space or time
Do you live close to school or far away?
the number between nine and eleven
I am going on a trip with ten of my friends.
a large, natural, and continuous flow of water that extends across large distances of land
Although it's fun to play in the river, you must be careful.
a cylindrical vessel used for holding or carrying liquids or solids
They took an old bucket.
in the absence of something
I was so sleepy this morning I went to school without my notebooks.
thinking about what you are doing in order to avoid a mistake
Be careful when traveling around a new place.
to cause physical or emotional pain to someone or something
Lori hurt her finger when she was playing in the basketball game.
one of the two long parts of a human body that is attached to the shoulders and extends to the wrist
My sister broke her arm when she fell out of a tree.
hurting; causing pain
My legs were sore after I played in the soccer game.
the middle section of a human leg, where it bends
John fell off his bike and scratched his knee.
having strong feelings against something or someone as the result of something bad or seemingly unfair happening
Lori was angry at her brother for taking her last piece of candy.
have a cold
to be sick due to a cold
I can't go to school today because I have a cold.
someone who has been trained in medical science and treats people who are ill
When you are sick, it's good to see a doctor.
a large building on a farm where animals, crops, or machines are kept
The cows in the barn ran away this morning.
come out
to leave a place or appear from inside a place
The dog wouldn't come out of his doghouse.
long, cut, and dried grass that is used to feed horses and other animals
I fed the farm animals lots of hay.
part of your body with which you see
My eyes are sore because of my old contact lenses.
a particular direction
Please look both ways before you cross the street.
a bird with large eyes that hunts at night
Most owls sleep during the day and are awake at night.
to search for wild animals to kill, usually for food
Some animals hunt other, smaller animals.
of great size or area
There was huge present waiting for me when I got home from school today.
a location, such as a building, point, or town
There's a hidden place in the city, with many restaurants.
a mass of burning gas in space that looks like a point of light in the sky at night
How many stars can you see at night?
within the area of something like a building
After lunch, I cleaned up all my wrappers and put them in the trash can.
a vehicle with four wheels that is used for transporting people or heavy loads and is often pulled by animals
Sue filled her wagon with toys.
the way through or ahead of someone or something
I take the same path to school every day.
get stuck
to become unable to move
Does the hair get stuck in your teeth?
earth that is wet, soft, and usually brownish in color
Pigs like to roll around in the mud.
continuing to be; used to emphasize that something has not changed
It has been an hour and we are still waiting for our drinks to arrive.
to travel across a surface by turning over and over
I rolled my motorbike out of the garage and into the driveway.
in an unexpected or extremely quick manner
suddenly, a bird flew into the house and then out.
weighing a small amount
The flower in my hair is so light I can't even feel it.
to add by one number at a time in order to determine the total number of people or things in a group
I will hide and you count to one hundred.
an adult male human
That man over there is my science teacher.
to fill a person's glass or cup with a drink
Can you pour me another glass of milk, please?
a gray powder that is mixed with water and hardens into a solid material for building
The cement floor is very cold.
put up
to fix or fasten something in a place where it will be seen; to display something
I put up pictures from my vacation on my bedroom wall.
an object made from wood, metal, etc. with words or images on its surface that give information or instructions
In Korea, a lot of the street signs are written in both English and Korean.
from one side to the other; on the other side of
I walked across the street to see if my friend wanted to play.
attractive in a pretty or endearing way
My new dress is very cute.
of course
without a doubt
of course, she didn’t do what her mom asked her to.
a sticky substance used for joining things together
Don't use too much glue when you stick the pictures onto the paper.
being dirty or unclean
Her desk was always messy; she had paper everywhere.
hard tree material cut in pieces used for burning in fires or making things like furniture
My treehouse is made of wood.
one of the parts on a piece of furniture that supports it
Tables and chairs have strong legs.
past first person & third person singular of be
My bed was broken after my brother jumped on it.
not being tall
He is so short he cannot reach the top shelf.
after some amount of time
After a long journey, he finally arrived at his destination, tired and hungry.
not different from something else; exactly similar
The twin brothers looked the same.
rising a long way above the ground
The top shelf is too high, so I can't reach the bag of cookies.
a piece of furniture that is designed for a person to sit on, usually with four legs and a back
This chair is made of very soft fabric.
the low surface of a room that people stand or walk on
Please mop the floor, it's very dirty.
not being true or not being based upon facts
I was trying to call my best friend but I dialed the wrong number.
a very young child
The baby was very cute and laughed a lot.
to look at something with the eyes
Sue went to the museum to see old artifacts.
a section of land above ground that is higher than a hill
Sue went to the mountains this weekend to camp.
reflexive pronoun of "he" (used as the object of a verb or preposition)
My father asked himself many questions in life, and answered them all.
at the same time another event occurs
as he walked, he found the baby deer.
a very large building that is capable of protecting someone or something, such as a king
There are many castles in Ireland.
an area where people live that is usually larger than a village but smaller than a city
I moved to a new town last year.
shows a starting or central point of a movement
I traveled from Spain to Italy by car.
a part of a tree that grows out of its central section
Botany is a branch of biology that deals with plant life.
a piece of jewelry that hangs around the neck
She knew she had been ripped off when she realized the necklace wasn't real gold.
a man who rules a country for life, often because he was born into a royal family
Joe dressed up as a king for the costume party.
a fruit with a curved shape and a thick, yellow peel
I like to eat peanut butter and banana sandwiches.
lots of
plenty of, a great deal of
I have lots of homework to do tonight.
to get possession of something in your hands
I could take the towels out of the closet and put them in the bathroom.
being firm, stiff, and difficult to bend, break, or cut into
This muffin is so hard I can barely bite into it.
a usually sweet food made from cocoa and used in candy or drinks
chocolate is too sweet for me.
of high quality
I made a good breakfast for my mom's birthday.
video game
a computer game that you play on your television
My mom won't let me play video games until I finish my homework.
having a small distance between opposite edges of something
The laptop was so thin it could fit inside an envelope.
being a large length; being very far from one end to the other
The long river is a popular place for boating.
to move with your legs at a pace faster than walking
How fast can you run?
to give an answer or express an opinion
Can you say tongue twisters really fast?
a cloud of gases produced by fire
The car was old and a lot of smoke came out of it.
in a rapid manner
The rabbit quickly dodged the fox.
involving a large number of things or people
I have many friends in my dance class.
being in the shape of a circle or ball
A snowman has a round body.
the part of the body below the leg which one walks on
After the hike, my left foot were very sore.
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