Hang Out (Class Booster)-Book 5 (E)
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a powder that is produced from grain and is used for making food
I wanted to bake a pie, but I needed flour.
a sweet white or brown substance taken from plants and used for making food or drinks taste sweeter
Candy has a lot of sugar.
a large metal box-shaped device used to bake the food placed within it
Dad baked a cake in the oven.
a round dish with tall sides, used to hold food or liquid
Put some soup in your bowl.
휘저어 거품을 내다
whisk together the eggs and milk.
a state of general commotion
You must stir the pasta sauce slowly.
to combine two or more things to make a new product
He mixes milk, three eggs, salt, and pepper in a bowl.
hot temperatures, conditions, or weather
She heated up the soup.
to cut something into pieces with a knife or AX
The chef chopped the carrots and put them into the salad.
to fill a person's glass or cup with a drink
I poured some juice into a glass.
to get so hot that BUBBLES begin to appear in a liquid
Tom boiled water in a kettle.
to cook something in fat or oil
fried foods can be unhealthy.
meat made from the flesh of a cow
beef is from cows.
a green vegetable
broccoli is good for your health.
a thick liquid that gives food a particular taste
He put lots of sauce on his spaghetti.
a small, green plant, with fresh-tasting leaves, that are used to season food or to make a dish appear appealing
Carrots, corns and parsley are vegetables.
a large fish with silver skin and pink flesh which lives in the sea but lays its eggs in fresh water
Many salmon die each year trying to make their way up rivers and streams.
A coconut is a very large nut with a hairy shell, which has white flesh and milky juice inside it.
coconut juice is very tasty.
Apples, strawberries, oranges, and pineapple are fruit.
a long, thin musical instrument which is played by blowing into a hole at one end
My sister can play the flute.
In summer, we wear sandals.
a stick of WAX into which a string is inserted and which is burned for light
There are ten candles on the cake.
digital camera
a camera that stores pictures as electronic signals
Last week I bought a digital camera.
개인용 컴퓨터
That is the price of a new tablet pc from Korea.
container for belongings during travel
She packed two suitcases for her trip.
something bought to remember a place
She brought souvenirs with her from trip.
a brass instrument that produces bright, strong, piercing tones
My dad can play the trumpet.
I like to watch dvd.
We ski in the mountains.
an object which is carried by people to protect themselves from rain or hot sun
Bring your umbrella in case it rains today.
material hung to cover a window, stage etc.
She opened the curtains to let the light get into the room.
the clothing worn by members of a group, organization or team
Many students have to wear school uniforms.
develop photos
사진을 인화하다
He used to develop photos when he was younger.
play cassette tapes
카세트 테잎을 재생시키다
He also liked music, so he used to play cassette tapes.
record videos
비디오를 녹화하다
She used to record videos when she was younger.
collect stamps
우표를 모으다
He used to collect stamps.
deliver newspapers
신문을 배달하다
He used to deliver newspapers on his bike.
keep an address book
주소록을 가지고 있다
They used to use an address book to keep addresses.
use payphones
공중 전화를 사용하다
He used to use payphones when he was younger.
watch silent films
무성 영화를 보다
They used to watch silent films when they were younger.
to move slowly on hands on knees
Did you use to crawl when you were younger?
fall down
to fall to the ground
Did he use to fall down a lot when he was a kid?
take naps
Did you use to take naps when you were younger?
have a babysitter
보모가 있다
Did you use to have a babysitter when you were younger?
name toys
장남감들에 이름을 지어주다
Did you use to name your toys when you were a kid?
catch butterflies
나비들을 잡다
Did she use to catch butterflies when she was a kid?
cry a lot
펑펑 울다
Did you use to cry a lot when you were younger?
feed your siblings
형제, 자매에게 음식을 먹여주다
Did you use to feed your siblings when you were a kid?
making someone feel slightly angry
My little sister is very annoying.
being unafraid or courageous
Mark is a very brave soldier.
not often excited
The puppy was very excited but the old dog was calm.
having a strong feeling of being right or certain
Tom is confident that his team will win.
truthful and not misleading
Nick is very honest. He returned the money he found.
feeling uneasy or anxious about something
I was nervous about speaking in front of the class.
being very pleased and satisfied with something or someone
He felt proud of his son for winning the prize.
person or think that is diligent
He’s always hardworking and not silly like your other friends.
calm; very laid back
I like him because he is easygoing.
having the ability to judge something reasonably
I like Lisa because she is always sensible.
caring or thinking only about oneself and not caring for the needs and feelings of other people
He is always very annoying. And selfish.
show a lack of thought
Can a dog fly? Don’t be silly!
He's very unfriendly and I'm afraid to talk to him.
enjoying ADVENTURE; not being afraid of dangerous situations
The hikers had an adventurous spirit.
having or showing an intense and selfish desire for something, esp. wealth or power
Purna was a greedy man who loved money.
not patient; not wanting to wait
The impatient child cried because he wanted to leave.
sweep the floor
바닥을 쓸다
Have you swept the floor yet?
take out the trash
쓰레기를 버리다
I’m taking out the trash.
do the dishes
wash dishes
Have you done the dishes yet?
feed the dog
개에게 먹이를 주다
I’m feeding the dog.
mop the floor
대걸레로 바닥을 닦다
Have you mopped the floor yet?
set the table
상을 차리다
Have you set the table yet?
water the plants
giving water to living organisms.
Has he watered the plants yet?
wash the windows
유리창을 닦다
Has she washed the windows yet?
cut the grass
잔디를 깎다
Has anyone cut the grass yet?
pick up the toys
장남감들을 집다
Has anyone picked up the toys yet?
vacuum the carpet
진공청소기로 카펫을 청소하다
Has anyone vacuumed the carpet yet?
weed the garden
정원의 잡초를 뽑다
Has anyone weeded the garden yet?
dust the furniture
가구의 먼지를 털다
Has anyone dusted the furniture yet?
clean the bathroom
욕실을 청소하다
Has anyone cleaned the bathroom yet?
clean your room
너의 방을 청소하다
Please clean your room!
fold the laundry
빨래를 개다
Has anyone folded the laundry yet?
a place where baked foods, such as bread or cakes, are prepared or sold
We bought a cake at the bakery.
town square
마을 광장
The bakery is between the market and the town square.
a place where goods are bought and sold
I want to go to the market.
a special area where pedestrians can cross the road safely
Let's cross the street at the crosswalk.
gas station
a place where gasoline and oil is sold
The man is putting some oil into the car at the gas station.
traffic light
one of a set of red, yellow, and green lights that controls the flow of traffic
Turn left at the traffic lights.
train station
terminal where trains load and unload people or products
The train pulled into the train station on time.
a public piece of grassy land, in or near a city or town, used as a place in which to exercise or play
They had a picnic in the park.
convenience store
A convenience store is a shop which sells mainly food and which is usually open until late at night.
I stopped at a convenience store for snacks.
coffee shop
The men are sitting in the coffee shop.
shoe store
신발 가게
You need to try on every shoe in the shoe store.
fire station
a station housing fire apparatus and firemen
Firefighters work at a fire station.
go straight
go straight and turn left.
turn left
좌측으로 돌다
Go straight and turn left.
turn right
우측으로 돌다
Go straight and turn right.
the point at which two sides, lines, roads or edges come together
My school is on the corner after the traffic light.
go ice skating
스케이트를 타러 가다
Where do you go ice skating?
play volleyball
배구를 하다
I don’t stay for more than an hour because I play volleyball every Monday and Wednesday.
take guitar lessons
기타 레슨을 받다
On Tuesdays, I have extra guitar lessons.
see friends
친구들을 만나다
When I finish school, I go to the park near my house and see my friends.
chat online
온라인으로 채팅하다
Every night, I chat online for an hour with my friends.
go to a comic store
만화 가게에 가다
We are going to a comic store.
go diving
다이빙 하러 가다
I like surfing and diving.
do martial arts
무술을 하다
After I finish school, I do martial arts .
play basketball
농구를 하다
How long do you play basketball for?
go cycling
자전거 타러 가다
Do you go cycling every day?
watch quiz shows
퀴즈쇼를 보다
I like watching quiz shows.
go to the playground
놀이터에 가다
They played soccer on the playground yesterday.
surf the Net
인터넷을 검색하다
How long do you surf the Net for?
go to the drama club
연극반에 들다
How long do you go to the drama club for?
work on the garden
정원에서 일하다
My mom works on the garden a lot.
go for a walk
to travel on foot for pleasure or exercise
Let's go for a walk after dinner.
an outdoor game in which players use clubs to hit a small ball into a hole with as few hits as possible
He likes to play golf in the yard.
walk the dog
개를 산책시키다
Are you walking the dog at the park?
have a sleepover
밤샘 파티를 하다
I’ m having a sleepover w ith Li and Sara.
do housework
집안일을 하다
My family is doing housework tomorrow, and I’m walking our dog.
a posting page on an internet web site
Are you blogging at home?
go to gymnastics
체초하러 가다
I’m going to gymnastics with my friend.
help out a friend
친구를 돕다
I helped out my dad today.
check my homework
숙제를 검사하다
On the weekend, I’m checking my homework before I go back to school.
purchase books
책들을 구입하다
On Wednesday, I need to purchase books at the bookstore.
type a paper
종이에 타이핑하다
I need to type a paper for school.
organize my desk
내 책상을 정리하다
I need to organize my desk.
repair my glasses
내 안경을 수리하다
I need to repair my glasses.
go to the bike shop
자전거 가게에 가다
I need to go to the bike shop.
go to the recycling center
재활용센터에 가다
I need to go to the recycling center.
go to the mall
쇼핑몰에 가다
I need to go to the mall.
go to the dentist
치과에 가다
I need to go to the dentist.
having a low cost; inexpensive
Nothing is cheap! Everything is expensive!
giving off a large amount of light
The webcam is the brightest and most colorful.
great in number; big in size or amount
The screen is the largest and most expensive.
extremely small
The mouse is the tiniest and least expensive.
desktop computer
desktop computer
The silver desktop computer is the cheapest!
a small animal that has fur and a long tail
There was a computer that used a mouse.
to test or examine someone or something to discover if there is anything wrong with them
You look at the screen of the computer.
the set of keys on a computer or typewriter that you press in order to make it work
He typed on the keyboard fast.
being costly; having a high price or value
Nothing is cheap! Everything is expensive!
having great strength
Some of the world’s most powerful storms are hurricanes or typhoons.
further along in complexity
The laptop is the cheapest and most advanced.
being exciting or interesting
Your dress is very colorful.
A webcam is a video camera that takes pictures which can be viewed on a website. The pictures are often of something that is happening while you watch.
I have a laptop with a webcam.
a portable microcomputer small enough to rest on a person's lap
The laptop is smaller than the desktop computer.
USB drive
Save the file to a USB drive.
a machine that prints computer documents
I had a problem with my printer.
이 단어장으로
즐겁게 학습해
가장 빠르게 암기하도록 도와주는 암기학습 〉
제대로 외웠나 바로 확인하는 리콜학습 〉
철자까지 외우려면 스펠학습 〉
재미있게 복습하려면 매칭 게임 〉
주관식으로도 재미있는 복습, 크래시 게임 〉
이 단어장을
수업에 이용해
수업 중 이 단어장을 보고 듣고 질문하는 슬라이드 〉
수업시간이 들썩 들썩 퀴즈배틀 〉
클릭만으로 종이낭비 없이 시험지 인쇄 〉
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