Dynamic Listening & Speaking-Book 2 (E)
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a suggestion or an opinion regarding what someone should or should not do
She didn't accept advice from you.
to stay away from something
I try to avoid the rush hour if I can.
the study of living things
In the biology class, students looked at leaves under a microscope.
blind date
a social date with a person one has not met
I met a nice guy at the blind date last week.
to attach something to something else
Before turning on the computer, you should connect the cord to the printer.
the beliefs, attitudes, and ways of life of a particular group of people or society
It is important to learn about a country’s culture.
a student in the first year (as of high school or college)
This is my first year of college; I'm a freshman.
to allow someone to borrow something with the agreement that it will be returned
I lent David my camera, but he broke it.
feeling uneasy or anxious about something
I feel nervous before a test.
showing respect and consideration for the needs or feelings of other people
He is always polite to his teachers.
shake hands
to join hands with another and move them up and down
They shook hands after they made the deal.
a statement of unhappiness about something or someone
The customer has a complaint about our products.
to make something whole or fill in what is missing
Were you able to complete the entire survey?
the amount of money that has been spent from an account
I have to debit 500 dollars from the ATM machine.
a small piece of information or fact
Every little detail is helpful in an investigation.
an official DOCUMENT with spaces for writing or printing information
Please sign this form.
the money that is paid by a person who borrows money to the lender in exchange for being able to borrow
We have to pay the bank some interest every month.
(formal) the act of giving something to someone that you allow them to use, but which they must return to you after a period of time
I have to pay back my student loans.
the act of giving money for something
There will be a penalty for late payment of bills.
something that shows that something else exists or is true
These bones are proof that raccoons lived here.
to take money out of an account such as a bank account
I would like to withdraw money from the ATM, but I don't know how.
a formal, written request for something
I need to submit my job applications this week.
a certain amount of money that can be used for something, or a plan for how to use this money
I need to get a budget so I can save more of my money.
to ask the advice or opinion of a person who specializes in a certain area
If the pain continues, consult your doctor.
able to express emotion easily; tending to feel emotion as a reaction to things
She gave an emotional speech about her dead mother.
to place stress on something to show its importance
The teacher emphasized the importance of paying attention in class.
the way speech rises and falls in pitch
Stress and intonation are not easy to learn in a foreign language.
an accounting document listing goods and services sold, and the amount due to be paid
Can I get your signature on the invoice, please?
to discuss something formally for the purpose of reaching an agreement about it
I will try to negotiate a deal with him.
lasting forever; intended to last for a very long time
I'm looking for a permanent job, not a temporary one.
continuing or lasting for a limited or short time
I'm looking for a permanent job, not a temporary one.
to carefully examine a substance to determine what it is made of
We need to analyze the details more before we make a conclusion.
a medicine that is used to fight certain kinds of diseases
He treated the dog with antibiotics.
blood pressure
the pressure of blood as it travels around the body
The nurse took my blood pressure and wrote it down on the chart.
very crowded
At rush hour the roads are completed congested.
the act or state of becoming INFECTED with a disease
The infection on his cut hand looked very serious.
one of the two parts of the body that allows people to breathe by drawing in, holding, and pushing out air
You cannot live without your lungs, so stop smoking.
to control the number, speed, or amount of something
We restrict the number of students per class to 10.
an instrument that a doctor uses to listen to someone's heart and breathing
The doctor placed the stethoscope to my back and listened to my breathing.
to become quieter or less strong
The police are hoping that the violence will soon subside.
having lost the state of consciousness, as in asleep
This young lady was in a car accident, and she’s unconscious.
a person who is legally responsible for himself or herself
You become an adult when you are 18 years old.
for example
예를 들면
We need more things to eat for example fruit, bread and cheese.
get along with
have a smooth relationship
My older brother and I really get along with each other.
being close to the center of something
The young child is standing in the middle of the street
being liked or supported by a large number of people
Tennis is one of the most popular sports.
something given to a person on a special occasion or as a way to show thanks or love
There was a big present under the Christmas tree.
occurring only a short time ago
There have been many changes in recent years.
to come back after being away from somewhere
Your father will return home in two hours.
an institution of higher learning where students work toward academic degrees and where research is conducted
After high school, she’s going to university.
something a person does to achieve a specific goal or to have fun
The club provides a wide variety of activities.
nearly but not quite
Come inside. It’s almost time for dinner!
a building commonly used for events such as concerts or lectures
The auditions were held in the auditorium.
the tools, supplies, or materials needed to perform a task or activity
It doesn't work! I think our equipment’s too old.
to continue to be useful or available to someone for a set amount of time
This movie will last about one hour.
to be involved and actively included in something, usually with others
I rarely participate in afterschool activities.
the scientific study of forces and matter and the ways they affect each other
Chemistry and physics are my favorite subjects.
to do something repeatedly in order to improve a skill
If we practice hard, we will improve.
one of two main parts of an academic year at many schools and colleges
The fall semester begins in September.
cut into small bits
We added chopped garlic to the recipe.
a powder that is produced from grain and is used for making food
Did you buy flour at the store?
one of the food items used when making a meal or drink
Before you start cooking, make sure you have all the ingredients.
having a middle size, condition, or amount
I needed a medium size shirt, but I couldn't find any
to like someone or something more than other things or people
I prefer a brand new car to a used one.
a list of items needed and a procedure to follow in order to cook a particular dish
My mother gave me her secret recipe for spaghetti sauce.
edible sea creatures such as crab and lobster
seafood is best when it is fresh.
hot and strongly flavored in taste
Korean food can be a bit too spicy for some people.
having the usual or normal features of a group
He looked like a typical tourist with his camera and baseball cap.
at least
no less than
The doctor told me to take the pills at least twice a day.
to think about someone or something in a certain way
I always consider Jane a great friend.
a person who works for someone else
I'm a new employee of the City Bank.
fall asleep
to go to sleep
I couldn't fall asleep so I watched a movie.
only just or almost not true or possible
He is so fat that he can hardly walk.
as a replacement; because another thing is not possible or not preferable
instead of doing my homework, I played outside.
look forward to
to expect; to hope for eagerly
We're really looking forward to seeing you again.
the product of things that happened before
Does anyone know the result of last night football match?
to use money in order to buy something
Matt is going to spend $59 on those shoes.
having a great quantity of money or property
He is very wealthy and owns a private jet.
to state or show whether or not something is true
I just called to confirm our meeting today.
the central area or commercial center of a town or city
She lives in an apartment in downtown Seoul.
at or to a great distance
Tom's house is far from the main city.
relating to GENES or the scientific study of how a living thing's appearance, growth, and development are determined and transferred between generations
Scientists think the answer might be genetic. In other words, men are just born that way.
a place where two things cross
The accident occurred at a busy intersection.
across from or on the other side of something
This building is just on the opposite of City Hall. You can find it easily.
a question or a group of questions asked to many people in order to gather information about a particular topic
The survey tells us people’s favorite hobbies.
a building or area with a stage on which something is performed such as a play
There was a movie theater near here his house.
to carefully examine a substance to determine what it is made of
We need to analyze the details more before we make a conclusion.
capable of producing the wanted result without wasting resources such as time, money or energy
Nowadays, people are looking for cars that are efficient and reliable.
having nothing inside
When I arrived, the classroom was empty. The professor must have canceled class.
to put something into a certain place or spot
They had to insert an flyer in every newspaper by hand.
a device or piece of equipment that does work using moving parts and uses electricity or other forms of power
machines have taken over many difficult and dangerous jobs.
a small creature with a soft body that lives in a SHELL and moves very slowly
The snail has a hard shell.
to clean a surface with a brush
The children are sweeping the snow away from the house.
to get off a plane, bus, or train, and travel on another one
You should transfer from bus to subway.
an act, system, or business of moving people or goods from one place to another
If you don't have a car you can always use public transportation.
(한 사람씩 드나들게 되어 있는) 회전식 문
Many people passed through the turnstile.
something that puts a person in a more successful position than others
Public transportation has good advantages for the environment.
입실 수속을 하다
If you get the bags I'll check-in at the front desk.
flattering; kindly worded
Guests to the hotel enjoy complimentary coffee and tea in the lobby.
His name is not included in the list.
A luxury is an expensive thing that you do not need.
We will never have enough money to be able to live in luxury.
a large piece of kitchen EQUIPMENT which uses electricity to keep food or drinks cool and at a low temperature
There isn't any ice in the refrigerator.
I'll send two rollaways up to the room.
being free from limits, restrictions or rules
If you pay $20 you can have unlimited food at the new buffet.
to prove that something is right or true
You should verify that statement by looking it up in the book.
to express regret for a fault, mistake or error
You must apologize to people when you hurt them.
not unusual
Even a common cold is getting harder to cure.
to state or show whether or not something is true
I’m calling to confirm my reservation for tonight.
suited to a person's comfort or ease of use
The delivery service in Korea, is very convenient and fast.
an act that is not legal
If you commit a crime, you will be punished.
a person who commits a crime
The criminal was caught selling fake diamonds.
the act of GRADUATING from a school or university
It was my first job after graduation.
to use something again
We can reuse these plastic cups on our picnic tomorrow.
to use something for a given purpose
We can utilize the sun as an energy source.
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