Developing Listening Skills 2nd-Book 1 (E)
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an announcement, picture, or commercial intended to convince people to buy a product or to receive a service
The advertisement for fast food is effective on both children and adults.
a prize given for doing something well
His award was for being the most improved player on the team.
be proud of
to have admiration or pride in someone or something
You should be proud of all of your accomplishments.
a meeting or series of meetings for discussion and exchange of information
The doctor presented his new research ideas at several medical conferences.
a feeling of certainty in one's own capacity to succeed
She lacked confidence to pursue a career in medicine.
the act of traveling through the air
Look! The stork is in flight. It's not in the nest anymore.
an expert in mathematics
People like Issac Newton and Pythagoras were some of the earliest mathematicians.
the time or state when something is at its best
Since she had reached the peak of her career, she decided to focus on a family.
The name and address fields are required. If you do not fill them in, your application will be rejected.
used to
did habitually
Julie used to be my best friend, but she betrayed me so we are not friends anymore.
a unit used for measuring ANGLES or temperatures
The temperature fell 10 degrees last night.
a scientific test that is performed to study something and see how it reacts to different conditions
The scientist conducted many experiments before reaching a conclusion.
the bright FLASHES of light in the sky caused by a storm
The lightning looked scarier in the country side with no tall buildings to block it.
the act or process of determining the size of something or someone
Her measurement of the room was off by a few inches.
to state that something will happen in the future
It was difficult to predict who will win the election.
a surface on which people can SKI
Her skiing ability improved so significantly that she no longer skied down the beginners slopes.
a cream that you put on your skin to protect it completely from the harmful effects of the sun
You should put on some sunblock at least a half hour before you go out in the sun.
to produce the liquid that comes through to cool one's skin when hot or anxious
I began to sweat on the long walk home.
an instrument for measuring temperature
According to the thermometer, the temperature is only 3 degrees outside.
a storm with thunder and lightning and heavy rain
The thunderstorm raged outside.
a woody plant, typically shorter than a tree and with many branches
There are a row of bushes in front of my house.
to stop a planned event from happening
The party was cancelled due to the bad weather.
get used to
to become comefortable; to grow accustomed
Phil has to get used to the fact that the world is sometimes unfair.
the amount of water in the air for a particular area
Because Houston is located close to the ocean, the city has much humidity.
in spite of
In spite of ample assistance from experts in the field, the board was unable to formulate a new policy on company hiring practices.
full of mud; wet and dirty
Her boots were muddy from walking through the damp yard.
off and on
happening throughout a given period of time
They have been dating off and on for about three years.
being very serious or extremely bad
After the severe storm, we felt lucky that we survived.
trade wind
strong winds that blow all the time towards the equator and then to the west
Sailors used the trade winds to explore the world hundreds of years before steam engines.
a person on radio or television whose job is describing the weather and telling people what it is going to be like
I trust our local weatherman because he gives us a pretty accurate idea of what the climate will be like.
group of things that has been organized in a particular way
The arrangement of the furniture was not to my mother's liking.
causing one to have no idea about what is right
Since he did not have a map, the streets of the strange city were confusing to him.
a small piece of information or fact
Every little detail is helpful in an investigation.
fill out
to write information on a form
Please fill out this medical history report while you wait to see the doctor.
to harden from a liquid to a solid because of a low temperature
We filled the ice tray with water and waited for it to freeze.
to turn from solid into liquid when heated
After a few minutes, the ice on the counter began to melt.
the long thin part of a plant that grows above the ground and supports leaves, flowers, or fruit
She cut the stem of the flower at an angle so that it would live longer in the vase.
present (a proposal, application, or other document)
I have yet to submit my written report.
a small, sharp growth on the branch or STEM of some plants
The stem of a rose has sharp thorns.
upside down
so that the upper or right side is down
He turned the bottle upside down and let the water spill to the floor.
a piece of writing that is printed in a newspaper or magazine
The Wall Street Journal contains articles pertaining to news from around the globe.
a person who creates a written work, often a book
The author of this book believes that people cause their own problems.
bring up
to mention or discuss
Please do not bring up anything negative at the meeting.
referring to someone or something without being specific
I only enjoy certain types of citrus fruits .
a person whom one advises
The consultant came to the company to make everything work more efficiently.
having to do with money
I took the job for financial reasons. The job itself doesn't interest me at all.
a particular area in a city
My parents live in a nice neighborhood.
at first; at the beginning
Otto originally believed that he was going to Germany instead of England.
showing respect and consideration for the needs or feelings of other people
The polite gentleman kindly offered to let the pregnant woman have his seat on the subway train.
shake hands
to join hands with another and move them up and down
They shook hands after they made the deal.
at the same time
at once, simultaneously
She was both elated and saddened at the same time for inexplicable reasons.
a curved shape with pointed ends and a wider middle
A lovely crescent moon was in the night sky.
debit card
a plastic card that can be used to take money directly from your bank account when one pays for things
A debit card allows me to pay off things right when I buy them instead of accumulating interest when buying on credit.
coming after; next
You can choose between the following drinks on the menu.
now and then
often, frequently
Every now and then she checked to see if he was still asleep.
a flat shape with four sides at 90 degree angles, and with opposite sides of equal length
Most cell phones have about the same shape as a rectangle.
to arrange or put things in a pile
We stacked the dishes into the cupboard.
a mark or spot on the surface of something that is hard to remove
Stella got a stain on her new dress.
a large building for storing things before they are sold
They stored all the extra items in a large warehouse
to take something back that was given
The president said he would not withdraw the troops from the region.
as if
as it would be if
It was as if the world had come to an end.
to speak or shout out angrily
The army sergeant constantly barked at his troops to work harder.
one of the groups of people in a society that are thought of as being at the same social or economic level
Indian culture use to be strictly divided into classes.
a small wild animal, with fur that is a mix of gray, brown and yellow that is similar to a dog and lives in North America
In the American Southwest, it is common to hear coyotes howl in the more rural parts of the area.
to become unconscious very suddenly
The subway was so hot and crowed that many passengers fainted.
first aid
treatment given to the sick or injured when doctors are unavailable
I was trained in first aid and am prepared to handle minor injuries.
a tale or legend originating among a people
Folktales are used to explain strange or unusual happenings.
to demand that something happen or be done by someone
I tried to dissuade him from doing so much work, but he insisted he could handle it and there was no changing his mind.
concerning something or someone unfamiliar, strange, or not understood
It was very mysterious why she would always leave the house at eight o'clock.
to imagine that something is true
It's good for children to pretend because it helps with creativity.
any piece of fine art
The artwork in the hotel was simply beautiful.
very bad
Mike thinks that his new haircut is really cool, but most people think he looks awful!
blow a horn
to exhale a burst of air into a horn to produce a sound
When the king and queen entered the dinning hall, two guards blew a horn to let everyone know that they had arrived.
(with "after") to run in an attempt to catch someone or something
I chased the bus down the road, but it was too fast.
a person who is responsible for assisting customers at a store or guests at a hotel
I asked one of the clerks in the office if there was a public restroom that I could use.
count on
to reply on; to depend on
Citizens in many European countries and Canada can count on national health care in the case of a medical emergency.
to travel in order to learn more about a place
The Vikings were the first Europeans to explore North America.
to become ready for a future activity, event, or purpose
It's easier to cook a dish if you prepare the ingredients earlier.
the leader of a republic
The president is selected through an election process.
a person who looks after sheep
The three shepherds traveled to see baby Jesus on Christmas day.
almost not; in a way that shows or is very little
I barely have time to study with my job.
blow out
to expel air from the lungs in order to extinguish a small flame
It is tradition that you make a wish before you blow out the candles on your cake.
basic, simple, or essential
I met some of my very first friends in elementary school
the ceremony held for a person who has died
He wants a simple funeral when he passes away.
of or connected with Spain or Spanish-speaking countries, especially those of Latin America
The United State's hispanic population will become the largest minority in only a few years.
to contain something as a part or member
The bill includes tax and service.
to care for a child to adulthood
My parents raised two children.
a member of one's family
Most of my relatives will attend our party this weekend.
to offer to do something that is not required without being paid
I volunteered to tutor high school students when I was in college.
a deep hole in the ground that is used for removing water and other liquids such as oil
When my grandparents were young, they use to get water from a well.
to gain use of
Do students have 24 hour access to the computer labs?
a person from your family that lived in the past
I am going to Scotland this summer to visit the land of my ancestors.
to have as a price
The trip will cost you $1,000.
to move slowly on hands on knees
The baby crawled all the way to the bathroom!!
to find something for the first time
Archaeologists are constantly trying to discover new knowledge.
give a speech
to speak formally to a group of peoeple
The Prime Minister will give a speech about the state of the country.
to be grateful
I'm honored to be a member and work with you all.
the daughter of one's sister or brother
I bought my niece a large stuffed animal for her birthday.
the careful study of sources to discover information about a subject
You need to do extensive research if you want to succeed.
a quantity of liquid that has come out of its container; the act of letting a liquid out of its container
I wiped up the coffee spills on the table.
being possible to use or obtain
Since I had nothing to do during the weekend, I was available to work an extra shift.
a drawing that is supposed to be funny
Adults as well as children enjoy looking at cartoons these days.
a light, repeated task usually done to keep a house in order
Mowing the lawn is my brother's chore, and cleaning the windows is mine.
a group of similar and interesting things that are brought together as a hobby or to study or display
We have a collection of his most famous writings.
now and then
often, frequently
Every now and then she checked to see if he was still asleep.
in a clear and understandable manner
The bank had obviously been robbed. The window was broken and the alarm was going off.
quite a few
a fairly large number
quite a few of them agreed.
to cause someone to remember something that they have forgotten
Tom always needs to be reminded about his homework.
someone who does research work
The researchers realized that the monster never existed.
to be friendly and talk with other people in public or at a social event
Marcia is very outgoing and likes to socialize.
considered right and able to be allowed
He proposed an acceptable offer to the workers.
someone who formally expresses interest, usually in writing, for a particular job or position
The young applicant was trying to land his first job.
a prize given for doing something well
His award was for being the most improved player on the team.
being physically relaxed and at ease
He lived a rich and comfortable life in the country.
an activity in which a person makes objects by hand, often requiring special skills
The children enjoy making crafts.
an exhibition in which potential buyers and sellers come together
The county fair is a wonderful event where the entire county gets together in celebration.
not appropriate or suitable for a particular place or situation
The student's writing style was inappropriate for the college level.
the system of rules and conduct observed by citizens of a community or nation, enforced by the governing body of the region
It is against the law to smoke here.
to put a name or information on an official list or book
Manny and Jim registered at the new healthclub today.
the practice of creating artistic objects from wood, clay or other materials
The sculpture was made of stone and looked exactly like the king.
an official, informative statement
We heard the announcement at work that a terrible earthquake had struck the countryside.
to enter a ship, plane, or other vehicle
Passengers are waiting to board.
to communicate with someone
I’ve been trying to contact you all day.
the beliefs, attitudes, and ways of life of a particular group of people or society
Because America is a land of immigrants, its culture is difficult to define.
due to
on account of
due to the fact that he stood up all night studying, he performed poorly on the exam.
coming after; next
You can choose between the following drinks on the menu.
to become better
If you study hard, you can improve your math scores.
He typically uses a monochronic approach to his projects.
the part of a word coming before the root that modifies the meaning of the word
In the word 'submarine', 'sub-' is the prefix.
the leader of a republic
The president is selected through an election process.
even though
in spite of the fact
even though he wasn’t rich, he had a great deal of pride.
able to adjust to new events or requirements easily
Because she was self-employed, her schedule was very flexible.
a structure, often decorative, from which a jet or stream of water issues
I threw a coin into the fountain and made a wish.
one of the food items used when making a meal or drink
Because she lacked several ingredients, the cake did not turn out very good.
manage to
to handle in action
Kenny managed to convince his sister to loan him her car.
There is a polychronic feeling that is used to make decisions.
to move a planned event or activity to a later time or date
The due date was postponed as the workers did not finish their work on time.
appropriate for a particular purpose
It was a proper certificate of graduation and his parents couldn't have been happier for him.
expecting rules to be followed
The mother gave her son strict orders to be home by midnight.
to use something important or valuable in a manner that is not efficient, necessary, or effective
Tom always wastes food when he goes to a buffet.
to disturb a person when they are busy or want to be alone
It bothers me when people are disrespectful.
to travel or move in a particular direction or towards a specific place
Where are we heading?
to contain something as a part or member
The bill includes tax and service.
a bag made of cloth that contains soft material and is used to place your head on while sleeping
High pillows are uncomfortable.
showing respect and consideration for the needs or feelings of other people
The polite gentleman kindly offered to let the pregnant woman have his seat on the subway train.
able to be moved around with ease
The mother bought each of her children a portable CD player.
the state of being alone and away from others
It is difficult to have some privacy in a big family.
public phone
pay phone
Public phones are becoming very rare these days because most people own cell phones.
to show regard or admiration or feel for someone or something
Paul respects all his teachers.
time zone
one of the twenty-four areas that the world is divided into, each with its own time that is one hour earlier than that of the time zone immediately to the east
The time zone on the east coast of the US is four hours ahead of the time zone on the west coast.
a person who purchases goods or a service from a store
Not many customers came today.
to cause something or someone to move or turn in a certain way
There are three main issues that we need to direct our attention to.
an extra telephone line connected to a central telephone in a house or to a switchboard in a large building
May I have extension 150, please?
formed into a legal corporation
Their company was recently incorporated.
the act of spending money in order to make more money
Ten years ago, my father made a large investment in real estate that turned him a nice profit.
a device used to record, broadcast, or AMPLIFY sounds
Even though we sat at the back of the very long lecture hall, we could hear the professor because he was speaking into a microphone.
a show or movie that is created and presented to people
He wants a career in film production.
to agree to keep something for a particular use
She could not check out the book because it was on reserve for another student.
giving something great energy or sincerity
You can never tell when he's serious.
to say something in a loud way
I had to shout over the noise to be heard.
along with
in company with or at the same time as
You should bring your sister along with you.
a broad road, usually lined with trees or grasses
They renamed the busy downtown boulevard after the celebrity.
to express information by writing, speaking or making gestures
Even if it's the same language, it can still be difficult to communicate efficiently.
the course on which someone or something is traveling
I was given the wrong directions so I couldn't find the building.
all the things that affect the health, growth or progress of something
The family environment affects the personality of the child.
to form ideas or images in your head that are not real
When she daydreamed, she always imagined herself as an elegant dancer on the world's biggest stages.
to fail to see or sense something
I'm sorry, can you repeat that? I missed that last thing you said.
on the other hand
from another side or aspect
It was an exhausting vacation, but, on the other hand, we saw some of the most beautiful and interesting places in the world.
to find the correct answer to a problem or mystery
In the 20th century, scientists began writing computer programs to solve mathematical problems that were too complex for humans.
activity leading to skilled behavior
Soldiers in the military have to go through difficult training.
to legally take and hold a person believed to have committed a crime
Two teenagers were arrested for the crime.
break down
to stop working; out of order
My car broke down so I had to take the bus to work.
(with "after") to run in an attempt to catch someone or something
I chased the bus down the road, but it was too fast.
check out
to borrow something like a book for a set amount of time
I checked out a couple of new DVDs from the video store.
a person who works for someone else
Being an employee is easier than being a good employer.
a building, place or machine that is made for a specific purpose
The apartment building had a recreational facility that included a weight room and indoor swimming pool.
to become aware of something or someone by sight, touch, hearing, or another sense
I noticed that my room didn’t look the same way as it did in the morning.
reception desk
the first area one encounters when they enter a typical office, lobby, hotel, etc. to check into a room or to let another know that they have arrived
All incoming calls go to the reception desk.
a vehicle that carries passengers or items between two places
I always take the shuttle to the airport.
the history or record of one's presence somewhere
I had perfect attendance in every class last semester.
a state or quality in which people or things are not like each other
The difference between the two education systems is that one focuses on the individuality of each child.
the business of managing or working on a farm
farming in rural America is not as profitable as it use to be.
to be appropriate for something
It is hard to find the piece that fits correctly in this jigsaw puzzle.
to plan and prepare for an event
It was my turn to organize our parents birthday party.
one of two main parts of an academic year at many schools and colleges
This semester I am doing a lot of sports.
to use or have something that is used by others
I share my bedroom with my brother.
a pain in the belly
Mona got a terrible stomachache after she ate the clams.
course of study
Biology is my favorite subject.
to offer to do something that is not required without being paid
I volunteered to tutor high school students when I was in college.
money in the form of coins instead of paper
I don't like to walk around with pockets full of change.
a group of people who sing together, for example in church services or public performances
She sings in the school choir.
to send someone away or allow someone to leave
At 12 o’clock the class was dismissed.
basic, simple, or essential
I met some of my very first friends in elementary school
hand in
to submit something
I almost forgot to hand in my homework assignment.
out of order
broken or not working properly
The ATM in the lobby was out of order, so I had to use the one across the street.
to become ready for a future activity, event, or purpose
It's easier to cook a dish if you prepare the ingredients earlier.
relating to a job that requires special skill or education
Doctors, lawyers and engineers are all professional careers.
run out
to use up; to become insufficient
While backpacking through Europe, the man ran out of money and resorted to begging from strangers.
vending machine
a machine that sells things
Sometimes for lunch, I just get something from the vending machine.
a narrow road or path between buildings
The alley behind the buildings was small and dark.
to try to do something better than others who are doing the same thing, often in order to win something
The two boys competed in the marathon, to figure out who is better.
being related to competition
My friend is so competitive that he gets very upset when he loses.
(sports) the part of a team meant to prevent the other side from scoring
The team's defense was too strong.
(sports) the attempt to score in a game or match; the skills and plans used in such an attempt
Michael enjoys playing offense more than defense because it is livelier.
at the usual time each day, week, or month
Janis regularly goes to the health club every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
any of a series of repeated movements in swimming or rowing; a style of swimming
In swimming, the stroke is just as important to locomotion as the legs kicking.
being strong physically or mentally and able to deal with difficult conditions
Physical sports like rugby and American football require players to be tough as well as skilled.
in an unlucky manner
unfortunately, I don't have my credit card with me or I'd buy lunch.
to exercise
Taking a long walk is a good workout for elderly people.
a period of time when something or someone stops an activity before continuing again later
When working long hours in a chair, it's important to take a break now and then to stand up and stretch.
something you cover your body with
I enjoy wearing brightly-colored clothing in the summer.
a radio or television advertisement
I saw a commercial on TV last night about a get-rich-quick scheme.
a building or an area in which vehicles are kept
Our garage is used as a storage room.
a small compartment that moves up and down between floors carrying goods and/or people
It is uncomfortable to live on a high level apartment if there are no lifts.
to rate or class things
The newspaper ranked the best universities in the world.
to fix or RESTORE something that is broken
If you can repair something, it's better than buying a new one.
a large board on which the score in a game or competition is shown
The amount of time left in the game can be seen on the scoreboard.
an image of a person, animal or thing made from something solid, like stone or metal
There was a statue of the country's liberator in the town plaza.
to tell someone about something bad or dangerous
The siren will warn citizens if there is an emergency.
a short high sound such as that made by a car horn or by electronic equipment
We heard a beep outside and figured it was the taxi that we had called.
to talk about the details of something
The detectives asked the witness to describe the suspect.
to discover who a person or thing is
After looking through the pictures, she was able to identify the man who stole her purse.
a device that produces and gives light
I turned on the lamp so I could see better in the room.
lost and found
an area where found objects are held until the owner comes to claim them
Why don't you check the museum's lost and found to see if your scarf was turned in.
being clean and organized
Since he came home from the military, my son has become so neat.
causing sickness or death when consumed by a person or animal
She repeatedly had nightmares about being attacked by a poisonous snake.
the small, black round part of the middle of the eye
Bright lights usually will make a person's pupils expand.
a poisonous American snake which makes a rattling noise with its tail
We found a rattlesnake under a rock.
the look and feel of a substance or material
The texture of the marble was smooth.
used for introducing a statement that makes a previous statement seem unlikely or surprising
although he isn't feeling too well, he will still attend the meeting.
to cause physical harm to a person or damage a place or thing
The soldiers will attack if you threaten them.
an official survey that collects information about people in a particular area, usually including the number of people living there
There are approximately 1.3 billion people in China according to a census conducted in 2005.
a long, tall post that is often used to provide support for a building or make a building look nice
The Greeks used large columns to support the roofs of their buildings.
only just or almost not true or possible
She could hardly believe that she won the lottery.
an amount that is most or more than half of a group of people or things
The majority of the school children were from single parent homes.
a part that is less than half of the whole; a small part
Hispanics now represent the largest minority in the United States.
to gently touch an animal or person
My dog likes it when I pet his belly.
the total number of people who live in a particular area, such as a city or country
The population for the city of Norfolk has increased 50% in the past 10 years.
a group of people with the same cultural history and language
A person should be judged by their abilities not their race.
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수업시간이 들썩 들썩 퀴즈배틀 〉
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