수직 Listening-Level 2 (E)
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be concerned about
~을 염려하다, ~에 관심을 가지다
If you're concerned about your kids not spending time outside, a flower garden can help with it.
develop into something very good
This spring, try something new for family time: plant a flower garden, and watch your children blossom!
to fill full of light
Gardening is a great way to get your kids outdoors and brighten up your yard all at the same time.
to feel envy towards (someone)
Wow, I envy you.
not stale
They look so fresh!
a flat hard area outside, and usually behind, a house where people can sit
Do you have a patio at your apartment?
something that someone must do
This will allow them to naturally develop personal and social responsibility.
public or formal words that tell something
We have an announcement for you and your families.
around the clock
24시간 내내, 밤낮으로
Our set manager is working around the clock to prepare.
a raised platform that is connected to the side of a building and surrounded by a low wall or railing
The view from the balcony is great, right?
Go ahead and book it.
business hours
영업[업무] 시간
You can contact us during business hours.
to make (a person) responsible for (a task etc)
Membership cards allow them to borrow equipment free of charge.
an act of presenting something as a gift
We accept donations of used medical equipment such as walkers, wheelchairs, and shower chair.
equipment storage
기자재 창고
We ask you to call due to limited space for equipment storage.
a journey in a plane
I booked a flight for this afternoon.
the solid part of the surface of the Earth
It lands at 4:45.
coming from a nearby place
Lucy and Jayden are students at the local high school.
a thin book with a paper cover usually sold weekly or monthly that contains pictures, articles, stories, and essays
Is that magazine shoot today or tomorrow?
make it home
집에 가다
Are you going to make it home today?
membership card
Donors are issued membership cards which allow them to borrow equipment free of charge.
non-profit organization
비영리 단체
The Closet is run by the State Health Foundation, a non-profit organization.
A souvenir is something you buy to remind you of a place or event.
Oh, could you pick up a couple of souvenirs on your way back?
The view is spectacular, right?
a place with a ticket office, waiting rooms etc, where trains, buses or coaches stop to allow passengers to get on or off
You have a television interview at the local station today.
working condition
작동 되는 상태
We check that they are clean and in working condition.
be recognized
It’s a good opportunity for your hard work and great ideas to be recognized.
business proposal
사업 제안
The directors want you to present your business proposal at the meeting next week.
(회사의) 임원[중역/이사]
I won’t disappoint the directors.
not to satisfy
I hope I won’t disappoint the directors.
final touch
마무리 작업
I’m putting the final touches on the business proposal we talked about.
look up
to find a piece of information by looking in a book or using a computer
I’m just looking up books.
to put forward for acceptance or refusal
I think we should focus on what we offer that Blackbeans doesn’t.
an occasion in which one is able to do something
It’s a good opportunity.
possible; capable of becoming real in the future
They think your proposal has great potential.
the manner in which written work etc is presented or set out
I’ve never made a presentation for such an important group of people.
reading list
(추천) 도서 목록
Oh, so you’re making a summer reading list.
help someone remember
We need to remind people that we offer a better variety.
to have a illness or medical condition
We've been suffering ever since Blackbeans opened across the street.
different types
You won't regret it, because we offer a better variety.
a group
These will complete my collection.
to keep something or try to use it slowly toavoid loss or waste
This does not explain why the sloth sleeps so much, though. Possibly, sleeping helps it to conserve its energy.
flower stamp
꽃무늬 우표
I have a question about your flower stamp series.
an occasion when people come together in order to discuss things and make decisions
We’re going to need twenty orders of chicken for our club meeting.
attacker; hunter
Slow-moving animals are very vulnerable to predators while they're on the ground looking for food.
Well, that's a bit pricier than I thought it would be.
(usually followed by "against" or "from" ) to defend against harm or danger
Scientists believe that this is a way for the sloth to protect itself.
I heard the rose stamps were just released.
laziness; sluggishness
The sloth is one of the sleepiest animals in the world!
sold out
to dispose of entirely by selling
They were sold out.
at risk; weak
Since the sloth is a very slow-moving animal, it is very vulnerable to predators while it’s on the ground looking for food.
boa constrictor
But some species of snakes, such as the boa constrictor, give live birth.
campaign manager
선거 사무장
He is serving as her campaign manager.
campaign speech
선거 연설
Jane has been writing a campaign speech for some time, and it’s nearly completed.
common knowledge
I thought that was common knowledge.
to talk about
By discussing their ideas
ease tension
긴장을 완화하다
They try to ease the tension.
to come out of an egg
Boa constrictors actually incubate the eggs inside themselves and once they hatch, they give birth.
in public
in front of many people
It’s bad manners to speak loudly in public.
in a way that is diffi cult to believe
The music on this bus is incredibly loud.
to keep bird eggs warm by sitting on them until the baby bird is ready to be born
They actually incubate the eggs inside themselves and once they hatch, they give birth.
a thought or belief about something or someone
Jane shows it to David so she can get his opinion.
to turn back, to send back light
Bus rides are great for reflecting on your day.
A reptile is a cold-blooded animal that lays eggs and has skin covered with scales.
I did catch a short documentary about reptiles that I found interesting.
a small building used for storage
Baby boas also shed their skin within ten days of being born.
student council president
Jane is a student running for student council president.
well written
잘 쓰여진
David thinks it’s well written.
adapted for
~에 적합한
Certain insects are adapted for hiding.
the act of coming into view or coming into a place
Avoid being eaten by changing their appearances to look like something in their environment.
a particular task or duty
When is the due date for this assignment?
If something is ceramic, it is made of baked clay.
Are you interested in shopping ceramics?
the time by which something must be finished
Aiden won’t be able to finish an important assignment before tomorrow's deadline.
They’ve developed various ways of defending themselves.
to stop being VISIBLE
The small bodies of some ants enable them to quickly disappear.
due date
a deadline
When is the due date for this project?
unusual and attractive
Visitors can buy an exotic pet, such as a baby squirrel or a monkey.
addition; expansion
He would like to ask the teacher if he can get an extension on this assignment.
outside the regular curriculum or program of courses
She also takes part in other extracurricular activities at the school, such as the movie club and student government.
a force or power believed to determine in advance everything that happens
Avoid this fate.
in a way that attracts your attention and makes you want to know more
Second and most interestingly
a public place where people meet to buy and sell or the public event at which this happens
I’d like to talk to you today about a very special market in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand.
widespread acceptance
There’s a new camping trend gaining popularity these days.
to delay an event and plan or decide that it should happen at a later date or time
Could you postpone the due date of my assignment?
attacker; hunter
It’s so bitter that predators avoid eating them.
something treated as more important
You should reconsider your priorities.
A purse is a bag where women keep money, makeup and keys.
You can also buy purses, Muay Thai boxing shorts, jewelry, and ceramics.
A souvenir is something you buy to remind you of a place or event.
Visitors can enjoy local Thai food, buy souvenirs, shop for vintage sneakers, or even buy an exotic pet.
area of expertise
However, silk isn't the only souvenir specialty at Chatuchak Market.
a temporary structure from which a merchant sells things
The market has more than 8,000 stalls and spans over 27 acres.
take part in
to be one of a group of people doing something, to take an active share in
He also takes part in other extracurricular activities at the school, such as the chess club and student government.
having knowledge
Amanda Stevens, a professor’s daughter, created this great backpack to bring social awareness to schools around the world.
to mix together
The straps and handle of the bag are made from a blend of recycled fabric and plastic so they are very strong.
EcoBag is made entirely out of recycled plastic.
give something and get something
I’d like to exchange these baby shoes for a different pair.
a device that is created for the first time
This morning, I’d like to talk about a great new invention for the environment.
weighing only a little or less than average
Those straps and handle of the bag are not only strong, but comfortable and lightweight.
look good on
~에게 어울리다
Oh, these will look good on her.
to grow too large
When you or your child outgrows it, it can be recycled.
something that is acquired by paying money for it
What’s more, if you purchase one online, the company will donate another bag to a student in need.
to make short or shorter
I want to shorten them two centimeters.
the needy
어려운 사람들
The EcoBag is a great way to do your part by helping the environment and the needy.
amusement park
A big place where people go to ride rides, eat food and see shows
You went to the amusement park with your family last week, right?
be supposed to V
~하기로 되어 있다
It’s supposed to rain on Friday so we can’t go to the amusement park.
a person who cooks good food as a job
Yes, chef. Yesterday I ordered 30 boxes of tomatoes.
conversation piece
All of our items are unique, so your purchases will make great conversation pieces.
a large wooden container for transporting goods
We have repurposed many things, such as crates, boots, and jars, to give your garden a sharp, new look.
set aside or apart for a special purpose
You’re really dedicated to your team.
to throw away
We collect discarded items and repurpose them into new items that are both interesting and high in quality.
a complete listing of merchandise
Nothing in our inventory is more expensive than $100.
lamp shade
전등 따위의 갓
We carry furniture made from discarded commercial wood and lamp shades made from old clothes.
I have an obligation to the debate team.
(분재용) 장식 용기, 화분
If you need new planters for spring, look no further than Greenbacks.
referring to a logical and right thing to do
We also offer very reasonable prices.
다른 목적에 맞게 만들다(바꾸다)
Using repurposed products is great for the environment, but is the quality as good as brand-new items?
to express regret for a fault, mistake or error
We apologize for the problems this closure will cause, but it is for the safety of the students.
to tell someone that something will happen or that something is true in a strong and definite way consume
I assure you that the renovated gym will be safer and much nicer when it reopens on February 22nd.
a person in charge of a corporation
I’m Susan Rogers, chairperson of the River Run Planning Committee.
to harm something physically
Due to damage from the weather, the school’s gym will be closed for construction for the next three weeks.
Sorry, but all sales are final in this store.
to take part in an activity or event with others
Anyone over the age of 14 can participate in the Run.
widespread acceptance
But due to the popularity of the Run, people who are interested need to register early.
the original amount of a debt on which interest is calculated
This is your principal, Mrs. Jones.
something that is acquired by paying money for it
When did you purchase it?
a statement listing what you have purchased or paid for and the amount you paid
Let me check the receipt.
a reimbursement of money
You’re going to need a receipt if you want a refund.
the process of entering names on an official list
registration is open until Friday, October 5th.
The renovated gym is safer and much nicer than the old one.
You can find revised schedule on our website.
under construction
in the process of being completed
Students must stay out of the gym while it is under construction.
the group of people watching or listening to an event
Apparently some of our audience doesn’t like our news content.
an advantage or profit gained from something
But I guess he can get the same benefit by spending more time playing with his friends.
Get in touch with all of the staff and have everyone meet in the boardroom after lunch?
community center
a building or other place in which members of a community may gather for social, educational, or cultural activities
It’s the list of children’s classes at the community center.
not to satisfy
I know, but I guess it’s not working if we’re disappointing our viewers.
To enroll in something is to put one's name on a list as a member of a group.
I’m thinking of enrolling Jimmy in a musical class.
express oneself
자신을 표현하다
I mean Jimmy can learn to express himself to other people by acting, singing, and dancing.
give a speech
to speak formally to a group of peoeple
I have to give a speech in Spanish class tomorrow, and I want to practice it.
편안한 마음으로, 마음이가벼운
Sam, you’re the one who wanted to make the local news more light-hearted.
make a mistake
to do something in the wrong way or not the way intended
Well, I’m afraid that I’ll make a mistake and everyone will laugh at me.
being dangerous or having a potentially negative effect
So should I start reporting on more serious news?
a big deal
큰일, 힘든 일
I really don’t think taking our trash with us is a big deal.
very surprising
The mountain air is so clean, and the views are amazing.
build up
to accumulate
Trash would build up around the trash can.
by the kilogram
킬로그램 단위로
The onions are $2 each, and the carrots are sold by the kilogram.
a plant with a long orange root that is eaten as a vegetable
I’d especially recommend the onions and the carrots.
an abstract idea; a general notion
That’s a great concept.
(an act of) handing over (letters, parcels etc
Could I have them delivered?
fill up
to gradually add a substance until it occupies all available space
True, but if there was a trash can, it would fill up and then overflow and trash would build up around it.
not stale
All your vegetables look really fresh today.
high school student
You know your role is a high school student.
to connect or position in preparation for use
Actually, I just installed that app on my phone this morning.
movie poster
영화 포스터
I know. By the way, what’s the idea for the movie poster?
the art of taking photographs
Since you’re the best professional in photography, I’m sure the poster will look good.
professional soccer player
프로 축구선수
Pursuing her dream as a professional soccer player
public transportation
buses,trains, subways that charge set fares
I heard there’s a public transportation application.
set up
to establish
Why don’t you change your clothes while I set up the cameras?
a place for painting, broadcasting, etc..
It’s been a year since I saw you last in your studio.
the style or way a building is made
Well, I majored in architecture.
done for profit
I’m very interested in commercial development.
I've been looking over your credentials before this interview.
to make something happen at a later time than was planned
I see the 2 o’clock flight to Dallas is delayed.
a journey in a plane
We’ll update the flight information soon, but the plane should take off within two hours.
a place for exercise
My time would be better spent in the gym than the living room.
bring attention to; provide a good example of
Would you like to see some highlights?
(especially American) to employ (a workman,etc)
If we decide to hire you, what kinds of architecture are you interested in working on?
to get ready for something
But wouldn’t you be more prepared for the game if you watched some video?
starting pitcher
(야구) 선발투수
Have you watched any videos of the opposing team's starting pitcher?
졸업생 대표, 수석 졸업생
I see that you graduated as the valedictorian of your university.
to fit the wishes or needs of someone
You will need to register online as there is only enough space to accommodate 100 guests.
to make it known
Today I’d like to announce a special open house event at our school.
arrange a trip
여행을 계획하다
I’m glad that you arranged my trip on such short notice.
a piece or pieces of art
This event allows students to bring their families to the academy to show off the artwork they’ve created this semester.
to show or state the truth of something that was previously believed or suspected
I’m calling to confirm your trip to New York next week.
(American) the part (of a city) containing the main centres for business and shopping
But I noticed the hotel is not downtown.
open house
(학교·기숙사 등의) 공개일
This open house event is scheduled to take place in the activities center from 5 to 9 p.m. on Wednesday, March 26th.
a family member
How often do you visit your relatives?
to carve or shape
We will also host several activities, such as sculpting and tie-dyeing, that you may choose to participate in with your relatives.
a person with the same parents as someone else
You can bring not only your parents, but also your grandparents, siblings, and other relatives.
홀치기 염색을 하다
Join several activities, such as sculpting and tie-dyeing!
tour guide
a person who leads a group of people around a place and gives them information about the place
Would you find a tour guide for me?
walking distance
걸어서 갈 수 있는 거리
It’s within walking distance.
a very big animal that lived millions of years ago
You said that dinosaurs were scary just before we started watching Before Time.
first-person shooter
1인칭 슈팅 게임
He seems a bit young to enjoy first-person shooters.
the part of a house where people put their cars
No, it’s not. It’s in my garage, safe and clean.
gas price
It’s cheaper to take the subway because of the rising gas prices.
get off
to get down from; to come out of
We have to get off now.
a small amount of food that a person eats between regular meals
I knew you’d like it, but let’s get a snack and then watch something else.
take place
I saw a poster that said it's taking place at PC Playground Arena.
a competition
They hold tournaments the last Saturday of every month.
the vehicles or number of vehicles in a particular area
Then do you have any special reason for taking the subway, like getting exercise or avoiding traffic?
attraction to
Hogs have a natural affinity to search for food underground, so they are perfect for this task.
to stay away from something
Seeing-eye dogs, usually golden retrievers, help their owners cross the street and avoid obstacles.
classified ad
(신문의) 안내광고, 항목별 광고란
Morty came across a classified ad on the Internet that offered 20 unopened packs of baseball cards for $20.
to bring or come together; to gather
Baseball cards are his favorite thing to collect.
the good feeling of closeness and comfort in being with someone
These dogs also offer companionship and are generally very caring creatures.
the person who hands out the cards in a game of cards
In this situation, what would Morty most likely say to the card dealer?
fishing pole
a rod of wood or steel or fiberglass that is used in fishing to extend the fishing line
You can also rent a fishing pole if you’re interested.
If someone is impatient, they are not able to wait for things.
He grew impatient, and today he has decided to call the card dealer.
insurance fee
It’s $20 per hour, and that includes the insurance fee.
treating a person or an animal cruelly
We talked about how animals are often mistreated and used for entertainment.
something that you have to go around or over;something difficult to pass
Seeing-eye dogs help their owners cross the street and avoid obstacles.
room number
객실 번호
What’s your room number?
an activity in which people swim under the surface of the water to view sealife
I heard that snorkeling is wonderful here.
snorkeling set
스노클링 장비
Do you have snorkeling sets as well?
to move from one place to another
He decided to jump on this deal, and immediately transferred the payment to the card dealer.
water sports activities
수상 스포츠 활동
I’d like to try some of your water sports activities.
to fit the wishes or needs of someone
We can accommodate 50 students that day.
civil organization
But civil organizations requested that they lower the fee.
It takes about forty minutes to get over the mountain on those curvy roads.
As with all of our events, this is an all-ages show, so bring your friends and the entire family.
extra cloth
여분의 옷
All of you should bring extra clothes and comfortable shoes.
Wow, that’s fantastic.
field trip
a group excursion for the purpose of observation
Hi, I’m a teacher from Gladstone Middle School, and I’m planning to take my students to your farm on a field trip.
able to do what you want to do
But it’s not free.
full-day program
하루 코스(계획)
A full-day program would be good.
half-day program
한나절 코스(계획)
We offer two programs for teens, a half-day and a full-day program.
kick off
As you know, the weather is warming up, which means it’s about time to kick off Georgetown’s Musical Mondays by the river.
to reduce in amount
So was it lowered?
the first one of that thing
Well, the government’s original plan was to charge $5.
There will be a $5 fee for all attendees, and all of the proceeds will go to the Georgetown Arts and Culture Society.
referring to a logical and right thing to do
That’s reasonable.
something asked for
Civil organizations requested several changes, but it wasn't accepted.
an agreement to keep something, such as a restaurant table, or hotel room, for use at a particular time in the future
Can I make a reservation now?
take place
The first event is taking place next Monday, April 22nd at six o’clock.
to soak up, take in
But dark colors absorb it.
an arrangement by which a person keeps his money in a bank
She handles all of our overseas accounts.
very good looking; appealing to other people
You were talking to a very attractive woman.
For example, phone chargers don’t need to be plugged in if the phone is not charging.
consist of
to be composed
It consists of four buildings with 100 dining rooms and a huge performance hall.
to be someone's boss; to have someone working for you or your company
The restaurant employs about 1,000 people, including 200 cooks in the kitchens.
to cause; to create
You should also turn off electronics that generate heat when you’re not using them.
to take care of something
She handles all of our overseas shipments.
international airport
국제 공항
It’s only 20 minutes from the international airport.
go to a country on the other side of an ocean
It would be hard to communicate overseas.
to turn back, to send back light
Light colors reflect light.
unusually or unexpectedly
More surprisingly, it consists of four buildings with 100 dining rooms and a huge performance hall.
traditional show
전통적인 공연
In the performance hall, traditional shows are held every weekend.
플러그를 뽑다
Also, to stay cool, it's wise to unplug anything with a clock.
An auditorium is a large building used for public events.
We’re going to have the contest in the auditorium.
a set of beliefs originating in India
In our last session, we learned that not eating meat is common in many religions, especially buddhism and Hinduism.
a substance created through a chemical process
They don’t like that certain animals, like cows and chickens, are fed different chemicals to make them bigger.
conference room
We’re going to have the contest in the auditorium, not a conference room.
debate contest
토론 대회
Ms. Roberts, is the preparation for the debate contest going well?
Diabetes is a medical condition where a person has too much sugar in their blood.
Eating less animal meat and more fiber might lower their chance of getting heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.
morally good or correct
Vegetarians also have ethical concerns.
a thin thread of natural or artificial material
They believe eating less animal meat and more fiber will lower their chance of getting heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.
Not eating meat is common in many religions, especially Buddhism and hinduism.
in the mood for
~할 기분이 나서
What are you in the mood for?
to hear and try (cases) in a court of law
We need six judges.
keep in touch
in communication (with)
Do you still keep in touch with him?
It’s the reunification of Korea.
sign up
to join an organization or make an agreement to do something etc by writing one's name.
About 120 students have signed up for the contest.
sociology professor
사회학 교수
Do you want to talk to my sociology professor from college?
to die from not having enough food
I'm starving.
a person who does not eat meat of any kind
In today’s session, I want to look at some other reasons for not eating meat and becoming a vegetarian.
Many people choose vegetarianism because they believe it to be good for their health.
brand new
extremely new
It rides like it's brand new.
the people, as a group, that one is trying to do better than
Yeah, today is the last day of the competition.
making you feel very tired
That sounds exhausting.
very interesting
It was fascinating.
last minute
최후의 순간, 막판
I had to cancel at the last minute.
last time
I had to stay longer than usual last time.
a formal talk given to students or other audiences
Robin, how was Dr. Clark’s special lecture about robotics last Thursday?
how well a person does at something
I guess the bands all saved their best songs for this performance, huh?
a person who offers to do something; a person who works without pay
Some of the volunteers didn’t show up, so I had to do their work, too.
to cause to like or be interested in something
If we put them outside the window, they’ll attract birds and butterflies.
having the necessary skills to do something well
Jessica knows Brian is a competent worker and has been doing his job very well.
a mixture of various decaying organic substances, as dead leaves and manure
I've seen you make compost out of them for the garden.
having no home
If you feel sad about the homeless birds, then sure we can.
marketing department
마케팅 부서
Jessica and Brian are working in the marketing department of a company.
negative effect
부정적 효과
Now, Brian’s behavior has negative effects on the productivity of the whole department.
pay attention to
keep in mind; take notice of; attend to
Jessica wants to tell him that during work hours he has to pay attention to his job.
To peel fruits and vegetables is to remove their skin.
It’s just a banana peel.
To polish something is to rub it in order to make it shiny.
Well, no. I was actually going to use that peel to polish my leather shoes.
a large number of unpleasant events of the same type
Did you know you could use banana peels to relieve bug bites and other itchy rashes?
to lessen or stop (pain, worry etc)
For example, did you know you could use them to relieve bug bites and other itchy rashes?
run blog
블로그를 운영하다
She has noticed that Brian has been spending more and more time running his own blog.
all of the things that affect someone or something at aparticular time
In this situation, what would Jessica most likely say to Brian?
take care of
to look after
He’s a popular blogger and takes care of his blog after work.
team member
Jessica is the manager, and Brian is her team member.
A trail is a path through a wild area.
I’ve always liked this trail, Dad.
to tell people about something on TV, radio, etc.
In yesterday’s class, we talked about the origin of advertising.
advertising medium
광고 매체
Today we’re going to look at the features of advertising mediums.
각각, 하나에
They’re $20 apiece.
apply to ~
~에 적용되다
I’m sorry, but the discount only applies to the shoes.
establishing a colony or colonies in
Before European colonization, the native peoples of North America collected this syrup.
to use up
Many doctors believe that consuming a moderate amount of maple syrup each day can help prevent heart disease.
a person who buys or uses a thing
It can deliver targeted messages directly to consumers.
capable of being bent or modified
They’re still popular because of flexibility.
immune system
the system your body uses to protect you from germs
Consuming maple syrup each day can help prevent heart disease as well as strengthen the immune system.
of a medium or typical amount
Consuming a moderate amount of maple syrup each day can help prevent heart disease.
being in the place where one was born
Before European colonization, the native peoples of North America collected this syrup.
a large placard put in public places
posters come in all sizes.
a governmental area into which many countries are divided
Today, Quebec, a province in Canada, is the world’s largest producer of maple syrup.
the area of land that is on the side of the road
You can see them on the side of buildings, on roadsides, or in front of movie theaters.
a watery juice inside a plant
By tapping into maple trees and collecting the liquid sap that seeped out.
to flow or pass slowly through small openings
Tap into maple trees and collect the liquid sap that seeped out.
shopping behavior
Based on their shopping behavior
a place, person, or thing from which something comes
Maple syrup is a superior source of important vitamins and nutrients.
better than another
Compared to other sweeteners, maple syrup is a superior source of important vitamins and nutrients.
sweet treat
사탕, 과자 등의 단 음식
Today I’m going to tell you a little bit about the sweet treat that we call maple syrup.
They found that maple syrup was a natural sweetener that could be included in many of their recipes.
To tap something is to hit it lightly.
By tapping into maple trees and collecting the liquid sap that seeped out.
the ability to control one's weight and position in order to stand or move well
Squirrels use their tails to keep balance and monkeys can hold on to trees with theirs.
classified ad
(항목별) 광고
Honey, let’s look in classified ads for an apartment.
the sharing of information, news, etc.
Computers are generally used as communication tools.
easy and comfortable to do or get to
That sounds quite convenient.
the purpose for which a thing is used
Last class, we studied the functions of insects’ wings.
in case
(~할) 경우에 대비해서
Nevertheless, I think we should print them out just in case.
매점, 가판대
We just have to show them at the kiosk.
means of protection
보호 수단
Tails can also serve as a means of protection.
the money people pay to someone to live in a certain place
We have to decide on which one to rent before the end of the year.
something that is a necessity
Well, it won’t be easy to find an apartment that meets all of our requirements.
video clip
영상, 비디오
Now, let’s study them in more detail by watching a video clip.
the direction from which you look at something
Lastly, try to keep your knees at a right angle.
be supposed to V
~하기로 되어 있다
She’s arriving Friday morning, and I'm supposed to pick her up at the airport.
Are you sure that this exercise is beneficial for my body?
an advantage or profit gained from something
Did you know that you can benefit from meditation in a variety of ways?
For example, it boosts your energy.
to harm something physically
The biggest problems are damage to the eyes and stress on the neck and back.
in a straight line
Second, to lessen the stress on your neck, you need to sit directly in front of your monitor, not to the left or to the right.
to amuse
I have an important client coming in from LA, and I have to entertain her over the weekend.
improper posture
부적절한 자세
improper posture is the main cause.
To meditate means to focus or think deeply in silence.
So if I get tired in the afternoon, it will help if I meditate.
the act of spending time in quiet thought
I’m listening to a podcast about meditation.
with or in the mind and thoughts
So it's beneficial both mentally and physically?
to keep track of; to watch in order to notice changes
Nowadays more and more office workers have been reporting troubles caused by long hours spent in front of the monitor.
involving the use of the body, rather than the mind
Due to the physically demanding nature of the activity, only adults are allowed on these tours.
to try to make others do something
To reduce the pressure on your back
to organize things in a new or different way, by changing their times or positions
Sweetheart, can you help me rearrange the bedroom this Friday?
to lessen or stop (pain, worry etc)
They’re also talking about how meditation can help you sleep at night and relieve stress.
to make sth sharper
They also said that meditation can improve your health and sharpen your mind.
electrical device (ex: refrigerator)
We should invest in energy-efficient appliances.
to decide or announce that (something already arranged etc) will not be done
Aren’t you happy that they canceled the championship?
feeling sad, unhappy or displeased
Ryan looks upset and disappointed in himself.
productive, using minimal time and resources
We should be sure to use energy-efficient bulbs and invest in energy-efficient appliances.
something produced or given off , especially a gas or radiation
If we cut down on our energy usage at home, we can cut down on emissions from power plants.
ability to think creatively
It really helps to develop my imagination.
place where garbage is buried
Recycling cuts down on the amount of consumer waste that goes into landfills.
literary work
문학 작품
Do you think reading literary works will help improve my imagination?
built by humans
Some of them are natural, but most of them are man-made and preventable.
pick up after
~의 뒤처리를 하다
It’s our duty to pick up after ourselves to help preserve and beautify our environment.
a living thing that grows in soil and has leaves and roots
Power plants also pollute our air.
예방 가능한
Some of them are natural, but most of pollution is man-made and preventable.
either of two terms of about 18 weeks each that make up a school year
But as the semester has gone on, I’ve been enjoying all of the short stories and novels.
disturbed or distressed
He notices that Ryan looks upset and disappointed in himself.
a formal, written request for something
Please submit your applications, along with the names of all your team members and the topic you have chosen.
apply to
~에 적용되다
I’m sorry, but it only applies to the jeans.
an abstract idea; a general notion
I need proof of concept for the project.
person in charge of publishing a periodical, a newscast, or a book series
Could you meet our editors before you start writing?
to add something to a group or total
The topics include underwater breathing, race car design, the process of compacting trash, and the behavior of robot maids.
fact that shows something is real
Of course your projects do not have to be working models, but only proof of concept.
publishing plan
출판 기획
Do you remember the publishing plan I told you about?
travel book
여행 서적
It was for another travel book, right?
something that causes an allergic reaction in people
I’d like to talk to you briefly about allergens and, in particular, dust.
a place where baked foods, such as bread or cakes, are prepared or sold
My wife and I are going to the bakery tomorrow.
a regular stroke or its sound
Second, beating your pillows and couch cushions out once a week also gets rid of dust.
in a BRIEF manner; using only a few words
I’d like to talk to you briefly about the ways to improve your physical health.
look around casually and randomly, without seeking anything in particular
He’s having a lot of trouble browsing the internet with his current phone, and he can’t run some of the newer apps.
When you complain, you say that you are unhappy about something.
But he’s always complaining that his current phone is really slow.
having very noticeable effects
There are several methods of cleaning that can drastically reduce the amount of dust in your home.
local band
지역 악단[밴드]
I know a good local band.
to use a mop to wash something
mopping your floor often may seem like an inconvenience, but it’s necessary.
When something is outdated, it is old and no longer useful in modern time.
Yeah, smartphones get outdated pretty quickly nowadays.
the act or process of becoming or causing someone to become ready for a future activity, event, or purpose
Mark, how are the preparations going for your parents’ 50th wedding anniversary party?
send out an invitation
초대장을 보내다
Have you sent out invitations?
to work hard for something
Dust can have many negative health effects, so we should strive to make our homes as clean as possible.
vacuum cleaner
a machine device that is usually used to clean the floor
First of all, how often do you run your vacuum cleaner?
wedding anniversary party
결혼 기념일 파티
How are the preparations going for your parents’ 50th wedding anniversary party?
aware of
know about
Were you aware of the health benefits of walking?
to make better
He was told by several doctors that his disease could never be completely cured.
of identifying a disease or reaching a conclusion
Despite their diagnosis, he no longer suffers from the disease at all.
historic site
Annie, did you hear the news about the historic site tour to Gyeongju?
needed; essential
It is necessary for everyone.
in a regular way
Do you exercise regularly?
a practice, a run-through
But rehearsals for the school musical start from next Saturday.
the function of a person or thing in a particular situation
I know, but I play an important role in the musical.
sold out
to dispose of entirely by selling
I’m sorry, but we’re sold out.
suffer from
to experience pain or illness
I’d like to tell you the story of my friend Roger Williams, who suffered from heart disease.
a person who makes and fixes clothes
You can have them tailored here.
to tell what one knows
Many other people will testify that walking has changed their lives for the better.
I totally understand.
If something is trendy, then it is very popular and new.
They’re designer jeans, and they're really trendy.
weather forecast
a prediction about the weather
The weather forecast said we’re going to have heavy rain this Saturday.
to give a job or duty to someone
So, did you finish all of the math problems Mr. Levine assigned today?
can get it
Is it still available?
discount coupon
I have a family discount coupon.
without limits or bounds
It includes unlimited rides in the theme park.
walk-in freezer
Does it have a walk-in freezer?
to think about something that is unknown
You took me to several buildings yesterday, and I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions.
bad breath
입 냄새
But have you noticed how he always has really bad breath?
blood donor
And the advertisement says blood donors get a T-shirt as a gift.
give something and get something
The student exchange program is finished, so I flew back home last night.
get along
to be friendly to someone
I think Dimitri and I will get along better now.
personal hygiene
개인 위생
personal hygiene is looked at differently where he’s from.
prepare for
~를 준비하다
I'm not prepared for the quizzes.
to talk about a past event still happening now
I’d like to meet them as soon as possible, but I’m a bit worried since I’ve missed the first two weeks of class.
a short phrase used to advertise something
Yeah. The slogan of the campaign is "Give blood, save lives!"
참을 수 없는
I think he’s interesting and it's fun to talk with him, but his breath is unbearable.
a harmful or negative way of treating someone or something
This event aims to benefit elephants around the world that are experiencing abuse and mistreatment.
to be able to pay for something or afford its costs
I think the glass lamp is really nice, but I don't think I can afford it.
public or formal words that tell something
We have an important announcement.
If something is antique, it is very old and rare, and therefore valuable.
Are these antiques real?
musical horns
The lamp made of brass is $40, and the one made of glass is $60.
suggest; recommend
The artists we sponsor play an important role in encouraging creativity and culture in our community.
entrance fee
The entrance fee for the fair is 20 dollars.
a public display
It includes a fashion show, an exhibition of artwork, and a folk dance performance.
to have as an important part
The Great Tusk Concert will feature performances by some of the biggest names in music, movies, and television.
folk dance
민속 무용, 포크 댄스
The event includes a fashion show, an exhibition of artwork, and a folk dance performance.
interest somebody in
(~을 사거나 먹도록) 권하다
Are there any other items I can interest you in?
a separate thing, piece, or part
Are there any other items I need to purchase for the upcoming science fair?
local artist
지역 예술가
Its purpose has been to sponsor local artists in our area.
학대, 혹사
Some elephants around the world are experiencing abuse and mistreatment.
The proceeds of this event will benefit elephants around the world that are experiencing abuse and mistreatment.
upcoming event
다가오는[곧 있을] 행사
Regarding an upcoming event
a person who visits, socially or professionally
Hello, museum visitors!
a substance in food and other products that stops harmful chemical reactions in the body
It’s also a great source of antioxidants that can help prevent cancer and keep you healthy.
an advantage or profit gained from something
What are the health benefits of broccoli?
to place in a position to be seen
Set up some tables for displaying items.
a thin thread of natural or artificial material
Remember how I said broccoli is full of fiber?
garage sale
sale of household goods held in the garage
Hey, Brian, how did your garage sale go last weekend?
person in charge of a social or other event
You mean that contest hosted by The Dog Lovers’ Club?
to take part in an activity or event with others
That’s right. Do you think it’s okay for him to participate in the contest?
price tag
a label attached to an item with the cost of that item written on it
Put price tags on them.
put an advertisement
광고를 내다
You have to sort out the things to sell and then put an advertisement in the local newspaper.
to say someone or something has good qualities and perform well at something
I’d recommend you do that, too.
something soluble
Well, first of all, broccoli is full of soluble fiber, which is great for lowering your cholesterol.
larger than normal
His left foot is a bit swollen.
take part in ~
~에 참가하다
Actually, he's supposed to take part in the Handsome Dog Contest next week.
unwanted stuff
원하지 않는 물건들
And I feel good because I got rid of some unwanted stuff and made some money.
the ground just outside of a person's house
You also need to clear your yard.
An autograph is the written name of a famous person.
I hope we can get his autograph.
be delighted
반가워하다, 좋아하다
Danny is delighted to see her.
A canyon is a narrow valley with steep walls through which a river often flows.
They set out to go to the Grand canyon the next day and find a great spot to view the landmark.
check out
to borrow something like a book for a set amount of time
Let’s check out the Grand Canyon Museum and get more information.
to mix or join things together
combine items to save time.
to think of as likely to happen or come
I never expected that so many fans would pay so much to be here.
follow through
~을 완수하다
Finally, follow through on all your plans.
quickly and excitedly
Do you frequently find yourself searching frantically for something on your messy desk?
Don’t be a hoarder.
a distance travelled, especially over land
Casey makes the long journey.
keep track of
to remain aware of something
Second, use a calendar, planner, or smartphone to keep track of your tasks.
If you procrastinate, you keep leaving things you should do until later, often because you do not want to do them.
Stop procrastinating.
set out
They set out to go to the Grand Canyon the next day.
something interesting to see
After seeing all the sights, Casey tells Danny that she has always wanted to see the Grand Canyon.
stick to
~을 계속하다, 고수하다
stick to a schedule.
take a photo
사진을 찍다
take a photo with him.
a printed piece of paper that shows that someone has paid to enter a place or travel somewhere
We were so lucky to get tickets to this concert.
to make it known
I would like to announce the 20th Annual Maple High Essay Contest.
a prize etc awarded
The top three essays will be announced at the end of the month, and prizes will be awarded.
buy one, get one free
한 개를 사면 한 개를 무료로 더 받다
Americanos are buy one, get one free, so it’s actually two for $5.
person who leads a ship or airplane
Tony is the captain of the swim team.
devil's food cake
초콜릿 케이크
How much for the devil’s food cake?
the teaching staff at a school or college
Good morning, students and faculty!
feel dizzy
현기증을 느끼다
He comes to her office saying that he is feeling dizzy and a little bit sick.
(an illness causing) high body temperature and quick heart-beat
Matilda finds he has a fever.
let somebody down
~을 실망시키다
He does not want to let his teammates down.
(usually followed by "against" or "from" ) to defend against harm or danger
Today, we want to hear your ideas about how we can protect the environment.
to get it printed and ready to sell
Along with the prize money, the first-place essay will also be published in the city newspaper.
something that is acquired by paying money for it
Well. I can give you one for 10% off your next purchase.
in regard to each of two or more
The second- and third-place essays will receive $200 and $100 respectively.
run a promotion
판촉행사를 진행하다
But we’re running a promotion this week.
to offer (a plan, suggestion, proposal, entry etc)
These essays must be submitted via the school’s homepage.
take one's temperature
체온을 재다
After taking his temperature
by way of
There is a 1,000-word limit on these essays, and they must be submitted via the school’s homepage.
in a way that is truthful
But honestly, the class seemed a bit noisy to me.
to arouse interest or approval
I was impressed by how active it was.
to give someone a reason to do something; to cause someone to have interest in doing something
I think the games motivated everyone to learn.
a thought or belief about something or someone
What was your opinion of Mr. Brown’s open class today?
to take part in an activity or event with others
Games make students want to participate more actively in class.
legal copyright protection for an invention
The grand-prize winner will receive $5,000 toward obtaining a patent and producing an actual prototype of the idea.
early; at the beginning; done in preparation for something
There are 25 students who have made it through the preliminaries based on the ideas they submitted.
the act of raising a person to a higher position
The scooters usually cost you $25, but we’re running on an off-season promotion, so you get an additional 10% off.
qualify for
~의 자격을 얻다
All of the students who qualified for the final round submitted ideas that are useful in today’s world.
appropriate for or closely connected to a particular topic, situation, etc.
The people who qualified for the final round submitted ideas that are relevant in today’s world.
the money people pay to someone to live in a certain place
I think $2,000 a month is the most we can afford for rent.
to offer (a plan, suggestion, proposal, entry etc)
We’ve just finished the first round of the science fair, and 2000 students have submitted their ideas.
take place
The final round will take place two weeks from today, on May 22nd, in the Student Center’s Event Hall.
to gather together in one place for a common purpose
When you go glamping, you don’t have to assemble a tent or set up a sleeping bag.
to connect someone or something in your mind with someone or something else
Others disliked camping because they associated it with leaky tents, damp sleeping bags, and terrible food.
a way of making a living; a job
This experience will help you choose not only your major but also your career in the future.
If something is damp, it is somewhat wet.
Place the seedlings on damp cotton wool and leave it for a week.
to prove or make something clear by reasoning or evidence
I will demonstrate how to build a simple structure.
the tools, supplies, or materials needed to perform a task or activity
It’s also easy to cook meals on cooking equipment that's provided for you when you go glamping.
exercise routine
(규칙적인) 운동
You were talking about your X-Cross exercise routine and got me curious.
very interesting
The Department of Biology has prepared a fascinating experiment for you to conduct in Room B.
get in shape
좋은 몸 상태(몸매)를 유지하다
I’ve been thinking I should get in shape.
give it a shot
시도해 보다
Why don’t you give it a shot?
The word is a combination of the words glamour and camping.
To hesitate is to wait for a short time before doing something.
Don’t hesitate to ask questions, and have a great time.
a state or an example of problems or trouble, which often causes a delay or loss of comfort
These inconveniences brought about the birth of the camping car and the recreational vehicle.
giving information
To begin, you will watch an informative video about our university.
새는, 구멍이 난
Some people disliked camping because they associated it with leaky tents, damp sleeping bags, and terrible food.
let oneself go
자제력을 잃다
I’ve really let myself go these past few years.
A luxury is an expensive thing that you do not need.
You don’t have to give up your daily luxuries to go glamping.
on behalf of
~을 대신[대표]하여
On behalf of the Department of Architecture
A preview is an opportunity to see something before it is available to the public.
Following that, you will each move to one of the four lecture rooms to preview the major that interests you.
used or done for enjoyment
I’d like to talk to you today about recreational camping.
sign up
to join an organization or make an agreement to do something etc by writing one's name.
I’ll sign up today.
the feeling that is experienced when food or drink is put into the mouth
Our special program designed to give high school students a taste of their future majors.
to be able to pay for something or afford its costs
I couldn't afford to buy a new one.
an agreement to meet someone at a specific time
I’ll set up an earlier appointment for you.
An auditorium is a large building used for public events.
It’s at the auditorium, right across from the library.
can get it
Do they still have any spots available?
If something or someone is awesome, they are impressive or frightening.
That sounds awesome.
be careful of
~를 조심[주의]하다
Is there anything I have to be careful of?
dental surgery
치과 수술
He has dental surgery scheduled in the morning.
feel pain
통증을 느끼다
I don’t feel any more pain.
to form into ice
You'll freeze out there.
information sheet
Please read this after-treatment information sheet.
a limit on something
Do they have any age restrictions?
to plan the time of (an event etc)
Let me check his schedule.
sign ~ up for …
~을 …에 등록시키다
You have to sign up for the event early.
sleeping bag
a large bag with warm lining used for sleeping in tents outdoors
I think you’re right, but sleeping bags are expensive.
to add up
How can people around the world accumulate money for their artistic endeavors?
If something or someone is awesome, they are impressive or frightening.
awesome. Let me know if you need any help.
bring ~ to life
~에 활기(생기)를 불어넣다
If investors like it, they can send you the funds you need to bring it to life.
cell phone addiction
휴대폰 중독
What about cell phone addiction?
belonging to or shared by two or more persons or a group
I think it’s too common.
an effort; an attempt
Crowd funding has become a great way for people around the world to accumulate money for their artistic endeavors.
get ~ off the ground ~
~을 순조롭게 출발(시작)하다
Sign up right now at our website to get your ideas off the ground.
global warming
a slow increase of the temperature of the air around the earth caused by pollution
How about global warming?
just in case
만약을 위해서
Linda isn’t sure if he’ll need the jacket or not, but she wants to try to convince Mike to take it just in case.
online research
온라인 연구
I think we should do online research.
If something is ridiculous, it is silly or strange.
He thinks that wearing a winter jacket in the summer is ridiculous and doesn’t want to take his mom's advice.
serious issue
중대한 문제
It’s a serious issue.
to try very hard to get them to do something
She urges Mike to take a winter jacket, but he refuses.
to take it
They accept donations to help animals.
the act of allowing to enter a place
Do these tickets include admission to the Harmony Blues show?
somebody with limited skill in, or knowledge of, an activity
For these contests, we will only accept amateurs.
business trip
a visit made for work purposes
My mother went on a business trip to Canada this week.
to try to beat others in a contest, fight etc
The debate team has to compete on Friday.
a (small) sum taken off the price of something
I’m sorry, but the discount doesn't apply to the performance tickets.
feel better
to have good condition
He’s been feeling better.
person in charge of a social or other event
My name is Nimbus, and I'm hosting two contests at the PC Playground next weekend.
extremely good; excellent
We wish you all the best of luck and look forward to an outstanding event.
how well a person does at something
Tickets to that performance cost an additional $4 a person.
without a definite pattern or method
For the League of Heroes contest, players will be grouped into random teams and compete against computer AI.
In the Suncraft contest, you will play side-by-side with professional Suncraft players.
special day
특별한 날
Is today a special day then?
a plan or method for achieving a particular goal
The contests are for players of real-time strategy games.
being done after careful consideration
That’s thoughtful of you.
존재, 생명체
They're very emotional beings with kind hearts.
billiard ball
I’m looking for a billiards ball.
capable of being collected
It can be used to make collectible billiard balls and traditional medicines.
a device to determine direction
And lastly, bring a map and compass.
credit card
a plastic card issued by a bank
Here’s my credit card.
very important
Bringing plenty of water is critical, because mountain biking is physically exhausting.
extremely important
Protecting your head is crucial when mountain biking.
drop off
to deliver or deposit at a specific place
I dropped off my son’s soccer shoes last week.
드라이클리닝 하다
I want to have these coats dry-cleaned.
making you feel very tired
Mountain biking is physically exhausting.
a small statue of a person or animal
It can be used to make collectible figurines and traditional medicines.
a mechanism that performs a specifi c function in a complete machine
Martin, always dry out your workout gear after you use it.
Ivory is a white, hard substance that comes from elephants.
I thought people stopped using ivory decades ago.
look busy
분주해 보이다
You look busy today.
a substance used to treat illness
Well, I took some medicine for my allergies a few days ago.
to feel sad at the death of someone
They even mourn their dead.
to make them agree to do something
He said it to persuade others to take up mountain biking.
pick up
to lift up, to collect something or someone from a certain place
I also have to pick up my son’s soccer shoes.
a person who hunts illegally
But there are a lot of poachers out there that hunt elephants for their ivory.
possible; capable of becoming real in the future
He said it to warn of potential dangers during mountain biking.
right as to how to do something
First of all, please wear proper shoes for hiking.
keeping something safe
First of all, please wear proper protective gear.
to set aside for future use
Oh, I’m searching online for ways to save the elephants.
take ~ into consideration
~을 고려하다
Be sure to take these things into consideration before your next trip.
take up
to begin doing, playing etc
How can I persuade others to take up mountain biking?
following customs that have continued in a group of people or society for a long time without changing
This silk is used in traditional Thai clothing.
A tusk is a long, curved, pointed tooth of an elephant, boar, or walrus.
How many elephants are killed each year just for their tusks?
the cost of a ticket on an airplane
It includes the hotel and airfare for the winner and the winner’s family.
a formal, written request for something
When is the deadline for application?
These passwords should contain numbers, letters, and special characters, such as asterisks or punctuation.
the time by which something must be finished
Then can you tell me when the deadline for application is?
identity theft
pretending to be someone else (ex: to apply for a credit card)
I’m here today to offer some tips on how you can prevent identity theft.
a confusion or mistake
There has been a misunderstanding.
to charge a purchaser too high a price
It looks like you were really overcharged.
to take part in an activity or event with others
I’d like to know if I can participate.
attacker; hunter
As many of you may know, this has led to the rise of online predators that are looking to steal your personal information.
the practice or system of using certain conventional marks or characters in writing or printing in order to separate elements and make the meaning clear
Your password should contain numbers, letters, and special characters, such as asterisks or punctuation.
something that is acquired by paying money for it
We can give you a 5% discount on your next purchase.
If someone is suspicious of someone else, they do not trust that person.
Be careful when inputting your information into suspicious websites.
~이 되다
I just turned 18.
meet; take into consideration
That's its address.
along with
in company with or at the same time as
It houses many different financial companies, along with several restaurants.
If something is antique, it is very old and rare, and therefore valuable.
We work with the best antique shops and private buyers.
살피다, 뜯어보다
We’ll come to your place, appraise your old goods, and photograph them.
the style or way a building is made
Well, I majored in architecture.
to tell someone that something will happen or that something is true in a strong and definite way consume
I work with the best antique shops to assure you’ll get the most money for your old, used stuff.