센치한 Listening 길들이기-도약2 (E)
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come by
to go to a place where someone is for a short time
Please come by at around 5.
kind and willing to make friends
She is very friendly to everybody.
get along with
to be friendly or on good terms (with someone)
I get along very well with him
a party given after moving into a new house
In Korea, toilet paper is a common gift at a housewarming party.
move in
to go into and occupy a house etc
We can move in on Saturday.
a district or area surrounding a particular place
He lives somewhere in the neighbourhood of the station.
in the next house
I live next door (to Mrs Smith).
to make or have (a party)
I will throw a party at my house next week.
a group of houses etc which is smaller than a town
They live in a little village
a person who visits, socially or professionally
I'm expecting visitors from America
an act of listening
We ought to give his views a fair hearing.
facts told or knowledge gained or given
He is full of interesting bits of information.
(of two or more people, things etc) to act, or have some effect, on each other.
I interact with people every day.
a person who listens
It's better to be a great listener than a great speaker.
making a loud noise
Dogs are really noisy.
to say or do again
Can you please repeat the question?
a person who is or was speaking.
The speaker was boring.
to have something as a topic of a talk
We talked about the people we knew.
to speak or say very softly
You'll have to whisper or he'll hear you.
a creature from another planet
He claims that he was abducted by aliens.
to come into view
A man suddenly appeared round the corner.
the act of coming into view or coming into a place
The thieves ran off at the sudden appearance of two policemen.
clearly or certainly
She definitely said I wasn't to wait.
for sure
definitely; certainly
for sure he'll give you the money tomorrow.
look at
to direct one's eyes toward
She looked at him like he was a hero.
to see, observe, or keep in one's mind
I noticed a book on the table.
I have a real Chanel bag, not a fake one.
to see, hear etc (a person, thing etc) and know who or what that person, thing etc is
I recognized him by his voice.
blood pressure
the (amount of) pressure of the blood on the walls of the blood-vessels
The excitement will raise his blood pressure.
very unsafe and likely to be the cause of danger
Going into the city alone can be dangerous.
get sick
to become sick
I got sick at the restaurant.
(generally) having good health
I'm really a very healthy person.
heart attack
a sudden failure of the heart to function correctly, sometimes causing death
My father has had a slight heart attack.
to continue
Please maintain a speed of no more than 70 km per hour.
to become well again; to return to good health etc
The country is recovering from an economic crisis.
anything which is due to something already done
My test result was much better than my father expected.
(a person, thing,etc,which causes or could cause) danger or possible loss or injury
He thinks we shouldn't go ahead with the plan because of the risk of failure.
to try to cure (a person or disease, injury etc
They treated her for a broken leg.
body language
body movements, facial expressions etc that show what a person (really) feels or thinks
She could see from his body language that he liked her.
call back
to call someone who has called you
Call her back at 834-0987.
cell phone
a mobile telephone that works by a system of radio signals
I do not have a cell phone.
to get in touch with in order to give or share information etc
I'll contact you by telephone.
talk between people: to carry on a conversation.
During our conversation, he kept looking at his watch.
give a call
to call ~
Give me a call when you get into town.
keep in touch
in communication (with)
I have kept in touch with my school-friends.
(the act of) saying words, or the ability to say words
speech is one method of communication between people.
text message
a piece of written communication that someone can receive with a cell phone
I am sending a text message to my girlfriend.
a party about something good that has happened
The Christmas celebration lasted all day.
dress up
to put on special clothes
He dressed up as a clown for the party.
to find pleasure in
He enjoyed the meal.
best-liked; preferred
My favorite type is fiction.
a visitor received in a house, in a hotel etc
We are having guests for dinner
getting and holding someone's attention
I think it was pretty interesting.
to get ready
My mother prepared a meal;
a gift
I'll be getting a lot of presents, too.
stay up
not to go to bed
The children wanted to stay up and watch television.
elegant or fashionable
She will help him by a stylish couch.
fill out
to write words in blanks on a piece of paper
Please fill out the form and give it to the clerk.
to bring or come to an end
She's finished her work
focus on
to give one's attention to
You should focus on me and not her.
give up
to stop, abandon
I must give up smoking
go through
to use a way of going somewhere
We went through Gwangju on our way to Yeosu.
(especially American) to employ (a workman,etc)
I hired someone to teach me English.
to put forward for acceptance or refusal
She offered the man a cup of tea
to come or go back
He returns home tomorrow
sign up
to join an organization or make an agreement to do something etc by writing one's name.
I'd like to sign up for a class.
stop by
to stop at a place for a short time
stop by the store on your way home.
be about to
to be going to (perform an action)
I am about to leave the office.
to make (a person) responsible for (a task etc)
He was charged with seeing that everything went well.
expected according to timetable, promise etc
The bus is due to arrive in three minutes.
in the number or quantity needed
I already have enough food.
(usually of art etc) very good; of excellent quality
He is a collector of fine art.
in a minute
a short time later
I'll do it in a minute.
in time
early enough
He arrived in time for dinner
(of bills, work etc) not yet paid, done, delivered etc, although the date for doing this has passed
My library book is overdue.
right away
immediately; at once
Please do it right away.
coming at the right moment
Your arrival was most timely.
(with to) affected in a bad way by (certain) things
He is allergic to certain flowers.
(especially American) something eaten or drunk before or at the beginning of a meal in order to increase the appetite
They ate smoked salmon as an appetizer.
a (small) sum taken off the price of something
He gave me a discount of 20%.
cooked on a grill
I prefer fried chicken, not grilled chicken.
the food taken at one time
She eats three meals a day.
an instruction to supply something
He called in an order for a pizza.
a place where meals may be bought and eaten
Her favorite restaurant serves Italian food.
a piece, usually in a flat or triangle shape
Please give me a slice of cake.
a type of food that someone orders in a restaurant but takes outside to eat
Tonight I don't want to cook, so I'll eat take-out.
a person who does not eat meat of any kind
This is a vegetarian dish.
whole; with nothing missing
Once this project is complete, I'll start another one.
do one's best
to try as much as possible
I did my best to fix the car myself.
focus on
to give one's attention to
You should focus on me and not her.
to continue an activity
If you keep talking, they'll hate you.
to stand behind other people so that you can do something.
We had to wait in line to get into the bakery.
a plan or scheme
I am working on three projects right now.
be prepared for
I am ready for sleep.
to offer (a plan, suggestion, proposal, entry etc)
submit your report by noon tomorrow.
to need time before something can be done
Becoming rich will take time.
a piece of especially hard work; a duty that must be done
I have many tasks to complete.
in opposition to
They fought against the enemy.
to regard (something) as true
I believe his story.
to think about (carefully)
He considered their comments.
to (cause to) make up one's mind
I have decided to retire
very greatly
We are deeply grateful to you.
(often with from) to be not like or alike
Her house differs from mine.
make sense
to be understandable
Do the words that I'm saying make sense to you?
(not usually of boys and men) pleasing or attractive
She is a very pretty girl, but only when she is wearing makeup.
someone or something that is talked about, written about etc.
We discussed the price of food and similar subjects.
to take time away from an activity
You look tired - I think you should take a break.
thoughts and pictures in the mind that come mostly during sleep
I had a terrible dream last night.
a person employed for wages, a salary etc
That firm has fifty employees.
a person who employs others
His employer dismissed him.
time spent in working beyond one's set number of hours etc
He did five hours' overtime this week.
the act of raising a person to a higher position
He has just been given (a) promotion.
having the necessary qualification(s) to do (something)
Are you qualified to do this job?
to leave, stop, or resign from etc
I'm going to quit teaching.
a holiday
He is on vacation in Spain.
to have someone as a boss
The woman I work for is not very nice.
이 단어장으로
즐겁게 학습해
가장 빠르게 암기하도록 도와주는 암기학습 〉
제대로 외웠나 바로 확인하는 리콜학습 〉
철자까지 외우려면 스펠학습 〉
재미있게 복습하려면 매칭 게임 〉
주관식으로도 재미있는 복습, 크래시 게임 〉
이 단어장을
수업에 이용해
수업 중 이 단어장을 보고 듣고 질문하는 슬라이드 〉
수업시간이 들썩 들썩 퀴즈배틀 〉
클릭만으로 종이낭비 없이 시험지 인쇄 〉
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