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the sport of riding a bicycle
How many people actually go mountain biking in January?
an electronic machine capable of storing and processing large amounts of information and of performing calculations
The whole process is done by computer.
catching fish for sport or for a living
Where can I go fishing?
an athletic competition, sometimes with other sports
There are two Olympic games next year.
the act of concentrating on hearing something
You can learn a lot from your grandmother by listening.
the act of playing a musical instrument
My sister likes playing the piano.
the act of looking at and understanding written signs
Right now I am reading a book.
the art or activity of making musical sounds with one's voice
Do you do much singing nowadays?
the action or activity of skating on ice skates, roller skates, or a skateboard as a sport or pastime
Both parents transport Kira to her activities such as skating and swimming.
taking pictures
the act of photographically capturing an image
Taking good pictures is something anyone can do with any camera.
to make or become different
He has changed since I saw him last.
low in price
Eggs are cheap just now.
a (small) sum taken off the price of something
He gave me a discount of 20%.
(usually abbreviated to $ when written) the standard unit of currency in several countries, eg the United States, Australia, Singapore
It costs ten dollars
the giving and taking of one thing for another
An exchange of opinions is helpful.
costing a great deal
expensive clothes.
get money back
to receive money that you had already given
I got my money back from the company because the phone did not work.
to give (money) to (someone) in exchange for goods, services etc
He paid $5 for the book.
the amount of money for which a thing is or can be bought or sold; the cost
The price of the book was $10.
the act of returning
On our return, we found the house had been burgled
the act of giving something to someone in exchange for money
sales of cars have increased.
amusement park
A big place where people go to ride rides, eat food and see shows
Disneyland is a giant amusement park.
the sandy or stony shore of a sea or lake
Children love playing on the beach.
a piece of ground with tents pitched on it.
There is a camp near my house.
training or use (especially of the body) through action or effort
Swimming is one of the healthiest forms of exercise
an area of land, including buildings, used for growing crops, breeding and keeping cows, sheep, pigs etc
Much of England is good agricultural land and there are many farms.
to gain an understanding of how to do something
I want to learn to drive.
the act of devoting time and attention to gaining knowledge
He spends all his evenings in study
the act of travelling
travel to and from work can be very tiring.
an act of going to see someone or something for pleasure, socially, professionally etc, or going to stay for a time
We went on a visit to my aunt's; the children's visit to the museum.
work done for free by someone who wants to help a group of people
Some people only do volunteer work so they can put it on their resumes.
(short for zoological garden) a place where wild animals are kept for the public to see, and for study, breeding etc
I want to go to the zoo.
not good; not efficient
His eyesight is bad
very nice to look at
I think she is the most beautiful actress in the country.
not interesting or fun
This book is boring.
hard to do or understand; not easy
It is difficult to know what to do for the best.
not difficult
This is an easy job (to do).
very good
His work in school is excellent.
making someone so interested that they can feel it in their body
I got very excited while watching the movie.
She told me some fantastic story about her father being a Grand Duke!
amusing; making one laugh
I think all of the actors on that show are very funny.
well-behaved; not causing trouble etc
She's a good baby.
(negative unimportant) having great value, influence or effect
It is important that you arrive here on time.
getting and holding someone's attention
Everything he says is so interesting.
the fourth month of the year, the month following March
The center would open from april to June each year.
the eighth month of the year
The dentist set a due date of august 18th.
the twelfth month of the year, the month following November
Jen is going to finish up this fall and graduate in december.
the second month of the year, the month following January
For some reason, I was expecting february to be a better month than January.
the first month of the year, the month following December
Sally was seven in january.
the seventh month of the year, the month following June
She was born on july 28, 1970.
the sixth month of the year, the month following May
In june this year, she ordered lots of books from the internet.
the third month of the year, the month following February
That work was competed in march.
the fifth month of the year, the month following April
The show opens next may.
the eleventh month of the year, the month following October
It is going to give us a good starting point for the mooth of May but we still have a lot of work to do as does everyone else.
the tenth month of the year, the month following September
For its october concert this year the group has looked to a newer generation of musicals.
the ninth month of the year, the month following August
He hasn't played for Korea since last september.
a prize etc awarded
The film awards were presented annually.
the anniversary of the day on which a person was born
Today is his birthday.
a moulded piece of wax with a wick in the centre, for giving light
We had to use candles when the electric lights went out.
a similar object used for eg sending greetings, showing membership of an organization, storing information etc
He sent me a birthday card.
a phrase that expresses joy about another person's success
Warmest congratulations on the birth of your baby
a struggle, competition etc to gain an advantage or victory
There is a sporting contest on every sundays.
something given willingly, eg as a present
I got a birthday gift.
gold medal
in competitions, the medal awarded as first prize
He won more gold medals than anyone else.
a (written) request to come or go somewhere
Have you received an invitation to their party?
a written message, especially sent by post in an envelope
She slowly took the letter from its envelope.
Parents' Day
a holiday that celebrates parents
People should not work on Parents' Day.
a gift
He gave me a wedding present.
a reward for good work etc
a reward for good work etc
an account of money owed for goods etc
Give me an electricity bill.
(an act of) handing over (letters, parcels etc
There are two parcel deliveries a week.
fruits, sweets etc served at the end of dinner
We had ice-cream for dessert.
food mixed and prepared for the table
She served us an interesting dish containing chicken and almonds.
(an act of drinking) a liquid suitable for swallowing
Lemonade is a refreshing drink.
a usually tall hollow object made of glass, used for drinking
There are six glasses on the tray; sherry-glasses.
a list of options on a computer screen, from which a user can choose
What's on the menu today?
an instruction to supply something
I would like to order a pizza.
a thin broad piece (of something)
How many slices of meat would you like?
a liquid food made from meat, vegetables etc
She made some chicken soup.
a piece of furniture consisting of a flat, horizontal surface on legs used eg to put food on at meals, or for some games
The dog jumped up onto the kitchen table.
a person who serves people with food etc at table
Which waiter served you in the restaurant?
a female who serves people with food etc at table
waitress, could you bring me some water please?
buy things
to give money for the purpose of getting things
I'm going to the store to buy things.
to (cause to) become free from dirt etc
Will you clean the windows?
(rather) old
There is an elderly lady.
to give food to
He fed the child with a spoon.
to do something with or for someone that he cannot do alone, or that he will find useful
Will you help me with this translation?
to raise or bring to a higher position
The box was so heavy I couldn't lift it.
move things
to make things go from one place to another
When I move things in my house, it makes a lot of noise.
a child who has lost both parents (rarely only one parent)
That little girl is an orphan
a home for orphans.
I sometimes volunteer at the orphanage.
pick up
to let (someone) into a car, train etc in order to take him somewhere
I picked him up at the station and drove him home.
having little money or property
She is too poor to buy clothes for the children
to give something in exchange for money
I've got some books to sell.
sick people
people who have a body part that feels bad
I take care of sick people at the hospital.
take care of
to look after
Their aunt took care of them when their parents died.
to clean (a thing or person, especially oneself) with (soap and) water or other liquid
How often do you wash your hair?
a chair with wheels, used for moving from place to place by invalids or those who cannot walk
She doesn't like to use the wheelchair.
an act of coughing
He gave a cough.
a person who cares for diseases etc of the teeth, by filling or removing them etc
The dentist pulled out the girl's tooth.
(an illness causing) high body temperature and quick heart-beat
She is in bed with a fever; a fever of excitement.
a pain in the head
Bright lights give me a headache.
a person who looks after sick or injured people in hospital
The nurse helps the sick woman.
hurt or suffering of the body or mind
a pain in the chest.
a small ball or tablet of medicine
She took a pill because she can't sleep well.
a (usually short) period of not working etc after, or between periods of, effort; (a period of) freedom from worries etc
I need a rest from all these problems
runny nose
watery liquid coming out from the nose
He has a runny nose because he didn't wear a lot of clothes in the winter.
sore throat
a pain in the throat
I didn't go to school because I had a sore throat.
a pain in the belly
After eating the soup, I got a bad stomachache.
a pain in a tooth
She is suffering from toothache.
a room in a house etc which contains a bath
I have to go to the bathroom.
a bath (for washing in)
He sat down in the bathtub.
a room for sleeping in
My bedroom is big.
a movable seat for one person, with a back to it
a table and four chairs.
(American) a cupboard:
The closet is located at the back of the white door.
(American closet) a cabinet of any size up to that of a small room for storing anything
Put the food in the cupboard
a room where food is cooked
A smell of burning was coming from the kitchen
kitchen counter
a flat, hard place in a kitchen where people often put things or prepare food
I left my keys on the kitchen counter.
living room
the room of a house etc in which the occupants of the house usually sit during their leisure time.
We have a TV in the living room.
a piece of furniture consisting of a flat, horizontal surface on legs used eg to put food on at meals, or for some games
The dog jumped up onto the kitchen table.
(a room containing) a receptacle for the body's waste matter, usually with a supply of water for washing this away; a lavatory
Do you want to go to the toilet?
Christmas Day
an annual festival in memory of the birth of Christ, held on December 25, Christmas Day
On Christmas Day I miss my family.
the sixth day of the week, the day following Thursday
She arrived on friday
Halloween Day
a Christian festival on 31 Oct., when children dress up and play ``trick or treat!''
For Halloween I dressed as a tennis player.
the second day of the week, the day following Sunday
monday is the first day of school.
New Year's Day
January 1, the first day of the new year
On New Year's Day I saw the sun rise.
the seventh day of the week, the day following Friday
I'll see you on saturday.
the first day of the week, the day following Saturday, kept for rest and worship among Christians
On sunday I sleep a lot.
Thanksgiving Day
(also Thanksgiving Day) in the United States, a special day (the fourth Thursday in November) for giving thanks to God
People eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day in the US.
the fifth day of the week, the day following Wednesday
thursday evening.
the third day of the week, the day following Monday
He came on tuesday
the fourth day of the week, the day following Tuesday
wednesday is the middle of the week.
a large reptile found in the rivers of Asia, Africa, South America and northern Australia
Some people eat crocodile meat.
a very large type of animal with very thick skin, a trunk and two tusks
elephants are very big and sometimes gray.
an African animal with a very long neck, long legs and spots
giraffes are quite beautiful.
a large four-footed animal which is used to pull carts etc or to carry people etc
I learned to ride a horse when I was six years old.
a type of large, flesh-eating animal of the cat family, the male of which has a long, coarse mane
lions like to eat meat.
an animal of the type most like man, especially those which are small and have long tails (ie not the apes)
monkeys are very similar to people.
a kind of bird found in warm countries, especially in South America, with a hooked bill and usually brightly-coloured feathers, that can be taught to imitate human speech
parrots can talk and are very colorful.
a kind of farm animal whose flesh is eaten as pork, ham and bacon
He keeps pigs.
polar bear
a type of bear found near the North Pole
The white fur makes polar bears look really beautiful.
a type of small long-eared burrowing animal, found living wild in fields or sometimes kept as a pet
I have a short friend who looks like a rabbit.
any of a group of legless reptiles with long bodies that move along on the ground with a twisting movement, many of which have a poisonous bite
He was bitten by a snake and nearly died.
a large wild animal of the cat family, with a striped coat
In some cultures, the tiger is like a hero.
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